Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

10 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , Dec21568 Recognized as theBestOralHealthSupplies Provider inSoutheastUSA, RichmondDental andMedical (Richmond) has provided excellence through staples suchas cottonpellets and cottonballs for over a century. Throughoutmodernhistory, theRichmondnamehas been circulating for its renowned care, quality, andhighest standardof products for nearly 130years. Best Oral Health Supplies Provider - Southeast USA Initially started in 1895 with Dr. Albert Richmond founding the Richmond Dental Cotton Company, Dr. Richmond provided historic quality and nationally recognized products such as cotton pellets and cotton balls utilized by several industries. Currently, the Richmond name has been acknowledged for its outstanding work in providing oral health supplies, with a successful, historical significance of over 125 years. While the company still strives for excellence and high-quality standards as a fundamental practice, Richmond Dental and Medical has provided superior performance throughout its steady growth and recognition with expanding capabilities. Formerly regarded as Richmond Dental Cotton Company, the firm exhibited significant expertise in dental applications for several decades before the acquisition in 1947 by Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, which supplied the cotton raw material. Since 1900, Barnhardt has been a highly regarded family-owned and operated purified cotton company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The partnership allowed Richmond to convert into a vertically integrated manufacturing company, thus, enabling the firm to control and handle all cotton dental products requirements from purification and carding to the final product. Moreover, Richmond expanded its product catalogue to include speciality items such as bite blocks, sponges, pound rolls, and header rollers due to medical dealer partnerships. Furthermore, the company was able to offer additional supplies to allow dental professionals to maintain a safe and sterile environment by providing Path-O-Guard ASTM Level 3 facemasks and autoclavable dental dispensers. The company founded its success on staples such as cotton pellets and cotton balls; however, Richmond has expanded its catalogue to include items that provide additional absorbency and comfort during dental treatments. Other items such as braided and wrapped cotton rolls, as well as Reflective Shields Plus (moisture abatement pads), will not stick to the mucosa or compromise the work area. Overall, with the merge of Richmond Dental and Barnhardt Manufacturing, the company has been able to branch out to support new industries. “We will never stop in our efforts to improve product performance and to enhance the treatment experience for dentists and their patients. We provide medical, veterinary, and industrial supplies, and have the capacity to handle the needs of institutions like schools and government agencies,” explains Fran Eskew, Sales Manager at Richmond. Whilst success may come naturally over time, maintaining success is a whole different development. Since 1895, Richmond has been dedicated to manufacturing superior quality, cotton disposables for the healthcare industry with imperative products such as dental rolls, bite blocks, endodontic pellets, moisture abatement pads, and 100% cotton nonwoven sponges, all of which are made proudly in the United States. Moving forward into the 21st century, adapting with the times, Richmond has added the commitment to reducing water and energy during chlorine-free purification while remaining steadfast in the mission to use sustainably grown US cotton, which is all natural and biodegradable. Richmond aims to grow market share with its distributors in the USA, as well as globally. To be recognized within the healthcare industry, success, and the nomination of becoming an industry preferred brand doesn’t happen overnight. Brad Fekete, EVP Sales & Marketing, explains, “At Richmond, we’ve been honing our expertise since 1895, working diligently to develop and sustain the highest industry standards for supplies that support a wide range of dental and medical applications. Our products serve as a testament, offering superior quality, patient comfort, and unrivalled safety.” Due to the Richmond name being circulated for over a century, the quality and expertise it provides are evident in our outstanding products, with many being awarded Preferred Product and Best Products by the Dental Advisor and Dental Product Shopper. As social media and eCommerce expand during the ongoing pandemic, so has Richmond with the launch of two new websites in German and Arabic. With trade shows and meetings being held virtually over the past few years, Richmond is excited to be exhibiting in-person at the CDS Chicago Midwinter and Greater New York Dental Meetings in 2022. With its dedicated commitment to quality products and a ‘Made in USA’ mission, Richmond has and will consistently be delivering superior performing cotton products, with success due to continue for another century more. Company: Richmond Dental and Medical Name: Fran Eskew Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.richmonddental.net Address: 1100 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28205 USA Richmond Dental and Medical