Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 11 , Dec21454 In an industry that is currently experiencing a post-lockdown increase in demand, the dental industry has embraced the services of companies such as MobileMolars. This company, serving the UK and the South border of the country in particular, has made itself an invaluable supporter of dental practices by offering temporary or permanent recruitment services, allowing clients to come to themwith the parameters of the role they need to fill and responding with a professional who will go above and beyond tomeet them. Having won both the above award and the ‘GHP Excellence Award in Sustainable Dentistry’ accreditation for its tree-planting efforts, this company has certainlymade itself one to watch. Best Nationwide Locum Dentist Provider - UK A dental agency supplying temporary and permanent recruitment to dental practices across the south coast of the UK and all across the country, Mobile Molars has become a critical linchpin in the dental service industry. Fundamentally, it offers temporary and permanent recruitment both, supplying London’s DCPs – Dental Nurses, Dentists, and Dental Hygienists – as well as practice managers, administration team members, and more, with each of the people it sends quickly showing the diligence and professionalism for which Mobile Molars chose them. The high- calibre professionals with which it works are each tenacious, intelligent, and charismatic, able to slot themselves easily into a team and hit the ground running with expert service and a fantastic team player attitude, filling the gaps nicely whether this is due to unexpected leaves of absence or redundancy. Mobile Molars’ professionals can be contacted through the MyMolars Platform. By booking what sort of professional one needs through this online, intuitive, and user-friendly experience, Mobile Molars then takes the inputted data and matches the practice in need with the professional that best suits the requirements and parameters they’ve already set by filling out the form. Consequently, it is able to supply the best DCP to the right practice every time, with the people who make up its pool of experts being able to meet and exceed expectations every time. With this penchant for excellence in mind, it is no wonder why Mobile Molars has become such a cornerstone of the industry; in addition, its compliance is visible and transparent all throughout the process, and it offsets its carbon footprint by planting a tree in Madagascar through its partner business with every booking. To date, it has planted 579 trees. It also actively works with dental outreach programmes – such as those in Zimbabwe – where it collects stock, instruments, and more from UK dental practices and ships them to these overseas dental organisations in order to ensure that more people have access to the highest standards of dental care. Furthermore, the Mobile Molars platform allows a certain level of peace of mind and stress-free personnel management. It takes great pride in being able to work alongside its clients to find the best people for them by simply taking the information provided and doing the heavy lifting itself, allowing the client to get back to what truly matters; serving their own patients. Thus, over time, Mobile Molars has become known as an efficient and reliable experience that is a pleasure to work with, creating directly in response to the heightened levels of demand on the dental industry and excited to see where this takes it in the future. Company: Mobile Molars Contact: Grant Simleit Website: mobilemolars.co.uk