Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 13 , Veneers, composite bonding, crowns, fillings – with somany different treatments available, dental health can often be overwhelming. Many patients find themselves anxious, deterring them fromgetting the treatment that they need. Codsall Dental Practice aims to change that, making dentistry a comfortable and friendly experience for all ages, and through providing simple and easymethods of maintaining oral health. Dedicated to providing the very best dental care, Codsall Dental Practice was the first in the Wolverhampton area to become Denplan Excel Accredited. Indeed, holding a variety of awards and accreditations, Codsall Dental Practice is one of the best within not only its local area, but the wider region. It takes care of its customers, armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and aims to promote gum and dental health to its customers and beyond. Taking a focused approach to tackling tooth decay and periodontal disease (also known as gum disease), Codsall Dental Practice encourages preventive techniques to help patients to understand how to maintain the health of their mouth. Moreover, it provides numerous services including routine dental care for all ages, as well as cosmetic dental and facial aesthetic treatments. Each treatment is undertaken with the customer’s best interests at heart, henceforth, not only are the treatments high-quality and precise, but also incredibly affordable. This is further bolstered by the 10% discount that Denplan patients receive. Codsall Dental Practice caters to a range of clients, providing a completely unique dental plan to each customer. The company Dec21106 understands that no two patients will be the same, whether it’s due to the commonly shared anxiety surrounding dentists, age, or oral health, therefore, Codsall Dental Practice ensures that it learns the unique needs for each patient. Moreover, as its staff have remained unchanged for many years, the company gets to get to know its patients personally. It is also all local to the area, meaning that it can fully connect with its patient base on a consistent basis. The team members are all highly trained and skilled professionals who are not only excellent in their roles but are also personable and friendly. As such, patients will receive a premium quality of care from the moment they enter the practice’s doors. Furthermore, through hiring the right staff, the team is able to work in a dynamic and harmonious manner. Especially as this is something that patients will pick up on whilst in the practice. As Covid-19 wreaked havoc across a surfeit of industries, Codsall Dental Practice saw an influx of patients due to the ending of NHS contracts. Additionally, the pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to slow down – with fewer patients daily, dentists have been able to provide in-depth care and a more personal service. This has also ended the stereotype of overcrowded waiting rooms and long wait times, as customers are encouraged to come in only when necessary and are required to wait outside of the building prior to being called in for their appointment. Introducing new services throughout the year, Codsall Dental Practice is delving into the world of Invisalign, providing patients with a more innovative method to straighten teeth. In addition, smile makeovers Best Private Dental Practice 2021 – West Midlands & GHP Patient Care Excellence Award 2021 are joining the extensive list of cosmetic treatments. The upcoming year is looking to be a bright one for the practice, as it aims to continue guiding customers down the path of dental health. Contact: Polly Bhambra Company: Codsall Dental Practice Web Address: https://www. codsalldentalpractice.co.uk Codsall Dental Practice