Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 17 , A teeth-whitening service that is delivered bymore andmore practices every day, Boutique Whitening is offered all over the world and trusted by dentists on an international level. Popular amongst practices that find themselves dissatisfied with their current teeth whitening solution, and patients who bring Boutique to their local practice after making an account, its influence is growing by the day both amongst dental professionals and the market segment in the macro scale. Additionally, although it must be delivered by a dental professional, and they will ask a variety of lifestyle questions before recommending a product, Boutique prides itself on allowing patients to be able to ‘whiten your teeth, your way’. Boutique Whitening, the UK’s most trusted teeth whitening brand, has been tried and tested by millions of people all over the world. Fundamentally, its services have become a staple of the cosmetic dentistry industry, and it has garnered a wide roster of clients from all corners of the globe for whom it is their perfect answer to in-practice teeth whitening services that are effective and comfortable. Offering its services to dentists looking to switch teeth whitening providers and patients alike, it sets itself apart from the rest of its competition with its easy to use and comprehensively developed formula that has been lauded as exemplary by dental experts across all manner of fields and borders. For a patient, one must open an account before partaking in Boutique. As Boutique is a service that must be delivered by trained practitioners in a dental setting, it aims to respond Nov21397 within 24 hours to any enquiry, looking forward to helping many new people find their confidence with a whiter smile in the coming year. Additionally, whilst the results of its teeth whitening solutions may look like magic, it assures its customers that it all comes down to solid, evidence-based, highly reliable science that has been honed and cultivated over the years in order to make Boutique the best product it can possibly be. Its streamlined solution – a gel applied to a cast of the mouth that coats the teeth in order to carry out the whitening – isn’t bloated by any unnecessary chemicals or additives, maintaining that the formula only has what ingredients are necessary for the whitening process. This allows for a pure gel solution that gives maximum results. It also means that the results are consistent, going further in-depth with the protocols used in professional teeth whitening in the brochures and downloadable information packets freely available from its website. Furthermore, it was designed as a direct result of collaboration. In the spirit of this, it has held on to collaboration and teamwork as one of the key principles of its business, forging an ethos of mutual hard work and effort on the part of all of its staff. When Boutique’s winning formula was designed by UK dentists and master chemists from both Canada and the USA, the team behind it was already UK Professional Teeth Whitening Brand of the Year 2021 emboldened by this work ethic, making it an easy thing to use as the foundational core of the business proper as it began to grow in notoriety and gain its millions of clients thanks to its trustworthy results and simplicity. Company: Boutique Whitening Contact: Prem Sehmi Website: https://boutiquewhitening.com/