Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

20 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , Dec21017 Having come fromhumble beginnings as a small idea tohelpprivate practices growand have the same advantages as larger corporate DSOs, EliteDentalManagement is a business providing back-endbusiness help for its clients. Inessence, throughout the company’s experience, it has been supporting these smaller dental practices inensuring that their logistical processes arewatertight and that the systems allowing themtoprovide the services theydo to their clients are reliable across the board. Fastest Growing Dental Management Company of the Year An end-to-end service provider offering a spectrum of services for dental practices, Elite Dental Management’s solutions range from credentialing and insurance billing to insurance verification. Fundamentally, it eliminates day-to-day operational stress so that the client can focus on creating the best smiles for their patients, taking on the minutia of running the practice so that everything can run smoothly and without a hitch at every turn. This allows practitioners to thoroughly impress patients as they have so much more time for creating that perfect customer service environment, operating with peace of mind that the supporting processes are taken care of as Elite Dental Management is owned and operated by highly experienced dental professionals who know what it takes to sustain a trusted dental practice. Able to deliver a rich blend of quality, precision, and expertise to its clients, Elite Dental Management ensures that private dental practices all across the USA are well served. Additionally, as it operates across this broad swathe of clientele, it differentiates itself from all other businesses like itself by serving its clients in a totally tailorable way; in short, each of its dental management packages are completely customisable and can be altered to fit both the practice and the end customers that the client serves, not requiring an account minimum to welcome a client into the fold. Thus, it has certainly gained notoriety as a friendly, warm, and welcoming business as well as an expertly effective one. Its staff are – of course – a large part of what makes this possible, with each of them possessing an enviable work ethic and commitment to both the company and the client that makes them a delight to work with both for everyone within the company and the clients who contact them. Additionally, its staff are privy to personal career development and upskilling at every turn, its culture being one of consistent personal improvement and ambition that drives the business decisions of the wider company to ensure that every employee has a stake. Being a front-runner in a marketplace that is becoming more and more competitive thanks to Covid-19, it is stepping up to the plate to provide the aid that so many of these budding companies are incredibly new to. Having been doing this since its inception, its clients know they can trust its logistical management services to be comprehensive and reliable, taking on more clients looking for remote back-end business management help in order to keep themselves afloat during a time of increased tumult. With remote training, a merger, and a virtual reception development on the way in 2022, it is excited to see what the new year will bring. Company: Elite Dental Management Contact: Monica Guthrie Website: elitedentalmanagement.com