Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 21 , Dec21858 Located in Athens, Greece, Sofia Karapataki has practised periodontology, implantology since 1994 andmetal-free dentistry since 2013. Awarded theMost Influential Female in Dentistry award and GHP Innovation Award in Periodontology & Implantology, Sofia Karapataki has been honing her craft with extensive research and innovative thinking to combine knowledge with passion in the field of dentistry. Most Influential Female in Dentistry 2021 – Greece & GHP Innovation Award in Periodontology & Implantology For nearly three decades, Sofia Karapataki has been passionately pursuing a career in dentistry. While her specialised area of focus is periodontology and implantology Sofia began researching, questioning the use of traditional implants as well as several prosthetic materials and embarked on a change to work within her field without metals. “All materials from implants to the ones used for fixed and removable prosthetics are carefully selected. I select materials with either the lowest levels or near zero toxic ingredients and according to their efficiency and long-term performance in the mouth. Zirconia, ceramics, high- performance polymers, and even biocomposites are among them,” Sofia enthuses. According to the European Commission on Public Health, Greece as a population has one of the highest rates of obesity and smoking, which is subsequently connected to oral health issues such as tooth loss and diseases like periodontitis. Therefore, Sofia states, “It is mainly for this reason that I am eager to reduce each patient’s toxicity profile the best I can and to promote a healthier rehabilitation of his or her condition.” Due to the connection of these two issues and the information provided online, Sofia is seeing an increasing number of people interested in their health, looking for alternative treatment solutions that she can offer. In order to continue with being a pioneering leader within the dentist industry, Sofia is constantly and consistently updating her information regarding techniques, materials and applications. Thus, allowing Sofia to maintain the best service and provide innovative and state of the art treatments for her patients. Moreover, Sofia ensures she is keeping up to date with the evolution of Dentistry both in implantation and restorations, digital Dentistry, ozone, and laser. Sofia actively meets and trades knowledge with colleagues in congresses and seminars, either as an instructor or an attendee, writing articles and participating in books related to her field to fulfil the expectations of her patients. Sofia offers her knowledge to an abundance of people, takes a personal investment in her work, and dedicates her passion to ensure her patient’s oral health is successful. These are the three biggest factors that keep her leading the industry and aids in maintaining her successful career; , unmatched by competitors and allows Sofia’s reputation to flourish for her support within the dentist industry. The mission of the practice is to provide a ‘Pure Dentistry’ offering metal and toxic-free materials and full mouth rehabilitation, from implants to restorations, fixed and removable. Sofia explains, “These materials should be carefully selected and be not only scientifically proven but also safe for the whole of the human body and at the same time adapted to the patient’s needs. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, there is no similar Dental Clinic worldwide regarding sampling this variety of materials and broad prosthetic application.” While the new year is still young, Sofia is still beaming from the results of 2021 regarding her research. One of her published writings reports information about peri-implantitis, with a chapter dedicated to analysing titanium corrosion and possible peri- implant complications, which is a contribution of information that Sofia has gifted to the world. Furthermore, a new article regarding the long-term performance of zirconia implants in everyday dentistry with a follow-up period from five up to 12 years is going to be featured soon, along with international lectures informing her colleagues of the different materials and techniques utilised at Sofia’s practice and examined from research. With many defend events lined up for the new year, Sofia and her professional staff members are changing the world of health, one smile at a time. Company Name: Sofia Karapataki Contact Name: Sofia Karapataki Contact Email: [email protected] Sofia Karapataki Only 4 teeth exist in the upper jaw, still enough for the almost unbreakable construction to be held Zirconia implant with cemented post and all ceramic crown cemented on top