Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

22 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , Nov21824 Understanding and applying expert dentistry knowledge for over twenty years, Dr Sara Amini has been recognised by Oral Health and Dentistry Awards for her excellent efforts in her field. Recently titled the Best Implantologist and Holistic Dentist within Greater London, Dr Sara has provided international and national patients with the same core values her professor instilled in her two decades ago - to treat the patient the same way youwould treat your family. Best Implantologist & Holistic Dentist: Dr Sara Amini- Greater London Graduating from dental school in 2002, Dr Sara Amini progressed her studies to pursue a full-time role attending a 4 years post-graduate study that focused on cosmetic and restorative dentistry and obtained a specialist board certificate in 2007. Having decided to continue into further education, Dr Sara completed a one-year program specifically on the topic of advanced dental implantology along with an additional one year fellowship course in the reviewing of implants, and a course in advanced bone grafting. Sara has thirst for knowledge, coupled with passion and dedication for patients care as well as continued study to develop her work. Dr Amini attends regular seminars and courses to ensure that her knowledge and credentials are up to date with the latest treatments and discussions. Dr Amini is also qualified hypnotherapist to enable her dealing better with nervous patients. Throughout an illustrious career Sara has been able to allocate time to teach and train undergraduate and post-graduate students from various backgrounds all throughout the world. Dr Sara has a personal mission that is to achieve the best long- term results for her patients, with little to no side effects over the short and long term. This is very much a holistic approach that requires an exceptional level of overall professional expertise. these high standards and intellectual capacity have allowed Dr Sara to operate as a top-rated Dental Surgeon within London, the UK and further afield internationally for over two decades. During what was full-time study in the speciality of restorative dentistry, Dr Sara had decided to primarily focus on what were considered to be the most complicated cases. This policy resulted in Sara gaining vast amounts of experience within that initial training period. In learning how to deal with a patients mouth as a whole while providing thorough planning for treatment, and eventually surgery. Moreover, during and post that period, interaction with other specialists in different fields of dentistry, has given her a strong vision and skill to carry out multidisciplinary and complicated dental treatments. With a patient-centric approach to her practice, Dr Sara provides a wide variety of comprehensive treatments ranging from orthodontics, root canal, wisdom teeth surgery, implants, bone grafts, veneers, crowns and full mouth reconstruction, to name only the primary specialities. Sara has mastered a skill to successfully treat patients with severe worn dentition, with no or minimum tooth grinding, through a precise combined manual and digital planning. Dr Sara commented… “I have always tried to put my patients first, which can be on occasions a little challenging as the treatments I tend to carry out are usually amongst the most complicated. As a practice we are always very busy with our own regular patients along with patients who colleagues from many other practices have referred, this is of course because of the speciality of the treatments we offer”. “Due to this ability to offer such a specialist service, it is not unusual to find myself past midnight in the office, still planning cases and reporting CT scans where a patient’s file has come in marked as urgent and needs prompt attention.” explained Dr Sara. Thus, Dr Sara is always leading by example and showcasing what it takes to truly be dedicated to one’s patients, work, and duties as a dentistry professional. However, with the outbreak of Covid-19, the dentistry field was severely affected. Due to the high-risk nature of treatments and closely working with patients, the practice was required to close for a few months but very quickly adapted and changed protocols, becoming equipped with the now mandatory strict safety measures to ensure that the working environment was safe for everyone involved, the patient first, but also the entire team involved with the treatment. For many patients, it was seemingly becoming very difficult during that brief time of closure, not having access to dental care which of course affects those who needed treatment most urgently. Dr Sara has ensured that all the enhancements added to the surgery and office were monitored and implemented securely to ensure that the working environment could remain safe and open for all those who require treatment. For 2022, Dr Sara aims to write a comprehensive book around oral and dental health to allow patients to become more aware of preventative measures and understand the related diseases and treatments better - an educational outlet that shares her knowledge and built-up expertise in her field. This book is however very much aimed at the public, the non-professional – to offer guidance and an insight to the world of Dentistry at the highest level. Company: Dr Sara Amini Name: Dr Sara Amini Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://drsaraamini.co.uk/ Instagram: drsaraamini1 Dr Sara Amini