Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

4 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , In oral health, it’s clear that our gums matter just as much as our teeth, but often people focus on care for the latter as opposed to the former. When Perio Q Subhash Gupta LLC first opened its doors under the leadership of Dr. Subhash Gupta, it was to change the shape of the industry. In GHP’s Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2021, Subhash and his team achieved double award success! We took a closer look at precisely what they did to reach these dizzying heights. Best Oral Health Products Innovators - Northeast USA Gum Conditioning Product of the Year 2021: PerioQ What does true dental care mean? For many in the dental industry, care outside of the surgery is a major point of concern. Finding the right products for their patients can be difficult, with so many options on the market from a variety of sources. One of the reasons that PerioQ stands apart is because of its founder, Dr. Subhash Gupta. Unlike many medical product suppliers, his background is not in research or the development of innovative new solutions, but in the heart of dentistry itself. This intimate knowledge of the sector guides every decision made by the company. The commitment to customer care that lies at the heart of Dr. Gupta’s approach reflects the importance with which he approaches his customer’s oral healthcare. The impact of bad hygiene on teeth can have an astonishing impact if not handled correctly, leading to years of consequences and pain that require a great deal of effort to rectify. Finding ways to avoid a crisis potentially occurring, therefore, seemed the obvious path forward for Dr. Gupta. Originally hailing from India, where he did his basic educational training, Dr. Gupta earned his Masters in the USA. His detailed knowledge of the sector was taught in Worcester City Hospital where he undertook his oral surgery training. Moving from India to America was an enormous challenge for a variety of reasons, but the consequence has been a life with access to world-leading medical training and a career that he has grown to cherish. Whilst Dr. Gupta has lived in the USA for the last 45 years, he has only acted as CEO and President of PerioQ for 18. The reason behind the development and creation of this astonishing company was simple. He had enormous concern for public health and while treating his patients was a satisfying job, he knew that he had the skill and ability to impact a larger audience. Through PerioQ gel, a unique product unavailable from any other supplier, he was able to achieve this remarkable vision. PerioQ Gum Conditioner Gel is designed specifically to treat gum Dr Subhash Gupta, LLC Perio Q