Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

6 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , which businesses were run and organizations were forced to operate. Not so for Dr. Gupta with his business acumen and a product ready to roll. His business was totally unaffected by the pandemic, with people still feeling gum pain and being advised to try PerioQ gel to alleviate that pain. With clients still buying the product, the business has been able to maintain its value in spite of the challenges seen in other sectors. Needless to say, whilst the team has achieved great things, the overall aim of PerioQ has always been to find global success. To this end, the last 18 years of work have laid great groundwork for the expansion of further services. Dr. Gupta is always exploring new ways of growing the business that has become a major part of his life in order to serve people around the world. With a product as impressive as PerioQ gel, it’s little wonder that he believes it would not only find interest, but international success. Dr. Gupta stands apart as an incredible force within the oral health and hygiene sector, offering a way forward that supports dentists and their patients alike. His efforts have had a major impact on the dental industry, built as it is on the experiences of many years of working within it. It’s little wonder, therefore, that his products are held in such high regard by his peers and why this impressive reputation has brought his such incredible success. Company: Subhash Gupta, LLC Perio Q Contact: Subhash Gupta DDS Web Address: https://www perioqgumconditioner.com/ Email: [email protected]