Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

8 GHP / Oral Health &Dentistry Awards 2021 , Dentistry and dental education have changed significantly, seemingly so in the past decade. With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing everyone closer than ever before, people can connect to Dental101 and their various programs and services that include education and consultation services for overseas and Australian Dental graduates who aim to settle and work in Australia. Recognised as Leading Pioneers in Dental Education, Dental101 aims to bring its unique brand of education and clinical knowledge to share innovatively. Leading Pioneers in Dental Education 2021 (Australia): Dr Deepesh Sanduja, Kanikka Arora & Team Dental101 Director and Co- Founder Dr. Deepesh Sanduja first came to Australia nearly two decades ago intending to “study dentistry”. Due to his challenging educational and uprooting experience compounded by drastic change in dental education system, financial difficulties, cultural shock and isolation in the new country, he had always envisioned to help those in similar situation. “I had never seen a rubber dam clamp, X ray holders during my graduation in my home country,” mentions Deepesh. Dental101 came into existence to provide a platform to help many professionals who endeavour to make a life in Australia. 101, which he often gets asked the meaning of, signifies the Education from the very basic to the advanced level. Deepesh works alongside his wife, Mrs. Kanikka Arora, who is equally humbled and dedicated to Nov21300 providing members with the best possible knowledge and guidance. “We are extremely thankful and grateful for all of our past, present and future team members who work so hard each day to help candidates achieve their dreams. Kanikka who is the backbone of Dental101 has been instrumental in it’s success, creates an endlessly positive environment, problem solves and constantly motivates the candidates to persist in their journey” states Deepesh. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Team Dental101 have a collective vision to bring the best clinical practices, speakers, and techniques from ‘all over the world to all around the world,’ with a primary focus on education and professional development in all aspects. Moreover, Dental101 provides mentoring and guidance to dental graduates and has a dedicated Equipment arm, ‘Xclearvision’ (XCV), which has Dental101 Pty Ltd