Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021

GHP / Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2021 9 Leading Pioneers in Dental Education 2021 (Australia): Dr Deepesh Sanduja, Kanikka Arora & Team Dental101 been received very well and has been growing exponentially. Currently, XCV is a distributor of dental loupes and associated light sources for medical and Dental professionals. XCV’s newest product is the ‘Ergo Loupes’, which helps the professionals care for themselves, so they can do what they enjoy the most, for longer. Dental101 provide it’s members with access to educators, professionals and mentors who are equally passionate about Dentistry and wish to give something back to the profession that has given them so much. “Our goal is to help and guide professionals in all aspects of their professional journey, which is included but not limited to education,” explains Deepesh. Dental101 is regarded as being different from its competitors due to its long-term view on life and the profession. Dental education more or less is the same everywhere you go, but at Dental101, with its unique set of skills and resources, method of teaching and positive environment allows its members to feel confident and be prepared to embark on a journey within a new country with dentistry as the profession. Deepesh explains, “We have always learnt through our own experiences, good and bad, and there have been many instances where we have taken a leap of faith, but most often than not, we have been prepared. Therefore, we have always concentrated on our values rather than pricing.” Deepesh and Kanikka, firmly believe that the idea of making a life within a new country is more than simply ‘moving and taking exams,’ and provide the guidance to approach the mental, physical, emotional, and financial educational aspects of a monumental change in location. While Australia has been in the midst of being lockdown, several challenges have come to light that have affected Dental101 significantly, such as limited immigration and travel which in turn affected the involved staff and members extensively. However, Deepesh explains, “Because of this, we fast-tracked our plans of going online as much as we could by cultivating a social presence with a YouTube channel, Instagram presence and much more. With the help of dedicated staff and members, it has provided its online course, which incorporates live and recorded guidance to all its viewers. Now that we have come out of the eye of the storm, we are on the other side, stronger as a company with an amazingly supportive team.” For Dental101, the past two years have been the most challenging but has also been regarded as one of the best few years personally and professionally as we have never stopped innovating. Deepesh explains, “We are eternally thankful for a wonderful team who helped us get through these times, and we cannot wait to move forward.” Special mention for each and everyone of our past and present staff members: Ms. Sakshi, Dr. Govind Jindal, Dr. Snigdha, Dr. Ankita, Dr. Deeksha, Dr. Varun, Dr. Sagar, Dr. Shalu, Dr. Darshan, Prof. Stubbs, Mr. Lim, Mr. Barrowman, Dr. Lina, Dr. Rhada, Dr. Jigyasa, Dr. Edith, Dr. Gita, Dr. Sonia, Dr. Rania, Dr. Zainy, Dr. Nida, Dr. Laraib, Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Sujitha, Dr. Sreethi, Dr. Griva, Dr. Harman, Dr. Mai, Dr. Haneen, Dr. Omana, Dr. Rosie, Dr. Payal, Dr. Sergi, Dr. Michael Yoon, Dr. Behnaz, Dr. Darshika and Dr. Sreeja. With thanks and respect being acknowledged, Dental101 is prepared and looking forward to the years to come with several exciting projects in the pipeline just waiting to be revealed in due course. The future is bright for Dental101, with its long-term vision remaining to be the best private education, mentoring and consulting source for Dental professionals. Having won the Leading Pioneers in Dental Education award for 2021, their mission will undoubtedly be a complete success – within Australia and globally. Company Name: Dental101 Pty Ltd Contact Name: Kanikka Arora Web Address: www.dental101.com.au OR www.xclearvision.com.au Contact Email: [email protected] OR [email protected] Phone: +61451017076 OR +61466847466