Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022

12 GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2022 Dental Devices by Jason (Dental Devices), based in Australia, works with a range of clients from general practitioners to TMJ specialists, with its main focus areas being splint fabrication, dentures, custom mouthguards, and orthodontics. We find out more from Jason Patrick following the firm being named in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. Taking great pride in offering the most up-to-date dental techniques is second to none at Dental Devices by Jason. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and knowledgeable and experienced dental technicians ensures that visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and secure. With core values being centred around quality over profit, the customer always comes first at Dental Devices, says owner Jason Patrick as he tells us more about his company ethos. “If you look after your clients and patients and help them, they in return will look after you,” he states. “Our overall mission is to focus on the patient, as they are after all who we are designing our appliances for.” Eager to ensure top quality and consistency time and time again, Jason has found this a lot easier to achieve with digital technology rather than traditional methodology. He tells us that crossing over into the digital aspect was a leap of faith that he took just over five years ago, but he hasn’t looked back since, with the business now flourishing. “We had strict criteria to follow,” he elaborates. “The main thing being that the appliances had to look like they were handmade, and the software had to be as flexible as our tools. When I succeeded in finding all that, I just had to wait for the materials to catch up to our skill level and quality!” When onboarding a new client, Jason ensures that he is upfront, honest, and transparent about the treatment they will receive. This involves sitting down and discussing in detail the clients’ expectations, issues they may have had, and where they need support. Once Jason has all this information, he can begin to work out exactly what is needed to build a successful relationship and give the best service. It is also important, in order to stay ahead of the curve in such a progressive industry, for Dental Devices to remain abreast of the latest technology and to ensure skills are kept up-to-date. “Dentistry is constantly evolving,” he tells us. “We have to constantly keep looking at our best working practice, our skill levels, and our ability to keep meeting the ever-changing landscape. We have to Dec22279 assess our materials, their strengths and weaknesses, and any potential limitations they may have. We have to watch emerging technologies closely and understand if, and where, they fit in with what we do.” Being based in South Australia may sound like a dream location for many, however the reality is far from ideal. Being situated in such a rural area, Jason sees a lot of supply chain issues where the reliability of getting materials is questionable. As pretty much everything to do with dentistry in Australia is imported, he has seen wait times of up to two years to get a specific resin approved for use in the country. This also has the knock-on effect of driving up the prices of such materials. However it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, Jason is currently exploring a new technology as we speak – this being the use of chrome in his work. “I’m looking to build a chrome department, so the last four months have been a flurry of buying equipment and such,” he says, adding wryly that he is also looking for chrome technicians to populate his new department! Having recently gained recognition in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022 for Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production - South Australia, Jason is confident that the future is looking bright . “As hard as dentistry can be, it’s a passion,” he enthuses. “We’re committed to our ideals and wishes. It’s pride and a sense of achievement knowing what we do is making a difference to a person for the next 2-10 years. We are facilitating change and how can you not have passion for this industry when you could be making changes like this daily?” Contact: Jason Patrick Company: Dental Devices by Jason Web Address: www.dental-devices.net Most Innovative Dental Device Development & Production - South Australia