Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023

GHP Oral Health & Dentistry Awards 2023 n 2017, Mommy Dentists in Business was established by Dr Grace Yum. While on a business trip with her husband, she noticed that lawyers tend to connect and network with each other in a way that dentists do not. She felt that the industry could benefit from such a strong sense of community and camaraderie. For this reason, Dr Yum set out to create a Facebook page through which dentists from all over the world could engage, particularly those who were also mothers and businessowners like herself. Since then, Mommy Dentists in Business has evolved significantly. Alongside its active Facebook community, the organisation now serves as a membership platform through which people can access educational resources, aiming to bring value to the lives of dentists across the world in collaboration with industry experts as well as other dental and nondental vendors. Today, Mommy Dentists in Business consists of 30 regional groups across the USA. In addition to over 10,000 Facebook group members, the organisation also has 1,600 subscribed members. With a paid subscription, community members receive access to a number of self-study CE courses, live educational webinars, exclusive discounts, LifeStyle events, special promotional offers, and office forms and templates. They can also leverage the organisation’s membership directory and hygienist portal. The Mommy Dentists in Business podcast, hosted by Dr Yum and Aimee Lipkis, has over 250 episodes, covering a variety of topics that range from clinical dentistry to practice management to health and wellness. It is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Tuneln Radio, iHeartRadio, and directly on the community website. Over the years, Mommy Dentists in Business has also hosted over 195 webinars, as part of which attendees have discussed clinical updates as well as general topics like front office management. A number of sessions have also featured expert panels on ownership, insurance, and more. Usefully, the organisation’s membership website features over 150 archived webinars that can be used to earn self-study CE credit. Alongside these online events, Mommy Dentists in Business hosts three large in-person events on an annual basis. These are ‘Let’s Get Clinical’, the CEO Roundtable, and a Social Summit. Throughout the year, the team also uses the organisation’s Chicago-based Learning Centre to host smaller events of up to 30 people, including bi-annual Botox courses with AAFE, courses hosted by mommy dentists, and courses hosted by sponsors. On top of this, each regional Mommy Dentists in Business group hosts two social events per year. For its outstanding offerings, Mommy Dentists in Business has received a plethora of positive feedback from its paid members. For example, one shares, “I am not a practice owner and receive so many benefits from being a paid member. The CE courses alone are amazing and Headquartered in Chicago, Mommy Dentists in Business is a niche online community of people who are mothers, dentists, and often businessowners.Through a podcast, networking events, webinars, a learning centre, and more, the organisation offers a safe space where members can access the support they need to thrive. Here, we take a look at the outstanding work carried out by Mommy Dentists in Business in the wake of its success in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023. Dental Industry Community of the Year - USA so easy to get done in the evenings from home... I have been able to take advantage of the discounts as an independent contractor... I have access to new forms and am able to update old forms at the practices I work for (SDF consent form, Covid updates, etc).” Created seven years ago, Mommy Dentists in Business has grown exponentially and continues to do so, gaining more social media attention every day. With this reach, the organisation finds new ways to connect with different partners, enhancing the value it can provide to its community members. It is committed to bringing helpful resources, innovative ideas, and novel technologies to dentists, empowering them to be as successful as possible both personally and professionally. For this reason, Mommy Dentists in Business has been awarded the title of Dental Industry Community of the Year, USA, in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2023. Considering its success thus far, there is no doubt that the community will continue to grow in the years to come. We wish Dr Yum and her team the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact: Alicia Jedlowski Company: Mommy Dentists in Business Web Address: https://mommydibs.com/ I Nov23381