2017 Dental & Oral Health Awards

14 GHP / 2017 Dental &Oral Health Awards , DEN17001 Munro-Hall Clinic Munro-Hall Clinic is a holistic dental practice who firmly believe in a preventative and an educational approach to dentistry, which takes biology and the whole body into account. Bita Fox talks us through the practice and this innovative approach. With over 18 years of experience integrating conventional and alternative therapies to promote health and prevent disease, Munro-Hall Clinic are proud to lead the United Kingdom in holistic dentistry and toxin removal treatments. Bita explains the unique approach that the practice takes to dentistry in more detail. “While mainstream dentistry has always focused exclusively on the teeth only, at Munro-Hall Clinic we take a close look at the whole mouth, which often represents and mirrors many issues that are going on in the wider body in general. “Many infections and the presence of certain types of bacteria which are present in the mouth originating from teeth, in turn can have an impact on various organs within the body, such as the heart. Our patient’s unique journey starts with a comprehensive general health assessment, whereby medical patterns are sometimes distinguished, previous dental treatment is analysed, as well as a review of life styles.” Fundamentally, the practice is committed to offering the very latest holistic dental treatments, as Bita emphasises. “As the dentists of Munro-Hall Clinic are members of the IAOMT, we are always at the forefront of holistic treatment modalities that are scientifically backed, and have proven successful, while being beneficial to the whole individual.” Looking to the future, there are a number of developments on the horizon for Munro-Hall Clinic, as Bita concludes. “Moving forward, given our clientele visit us from various parts of the country, as well as from overseas, we will shortly invest in equipment to digitally manufacture ceramic restorations such as crowns and inlays, that will enable us to fit them on the same visit. Traditionally there is approximately two-week wait for crowns to be fabricated in a laboratory, so this is a great step forward which will really benefit our patients. “Ultimately, we take great pride in genuinely caring for our patients, and putting their heath above all else, and this focus will continue as we look towards a bright and opportunity filled future.”

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