2017 Dental & Oral Health Awards

4 GHP / 2017 Dental &Oral Health Awards , DEN17009 Chrysanth Dental Care Chrysanth Dental Care is a fully private dental practice committed to providing the very highest standards of support and service to its patients. David O’Milegan tells us more about the practice and how it works to ensure excellence for everyone it treats. Established in 2014, Chrysanth Dental Care consists of five members of staff include two dentists and three nurses, all of whom are dedicated to supporting patients through whatever treatment they need to give them confidence in their smile. From the moment they arrive patients are treated in an inclusive, supportive space, as David highlights. “At Chrysanth, everyone is treated with dignity and respect at all times; and enjoy a full range of social relationships. Everyone that uses our facilities has to the right to privacy and free from intrusion as long as it is safe for everyone else. Everyone is treated equally in an environment that is harassment and discrimination free. Various posters always inform our patients that they have the right to complain without fear of victimization. “The environment is well laid out with clean non-threatening colors and easy access. We have disabled access with a ramp specially designed for wheelchair access, and our older patients always thank us for supplying high-seated chairs making it easier for them to sit and stand up. Our consultations are very sensitive to the needs of the patient and we ensure that they are carried out in a confidential manner. The main complaint is always dealt with when appropriate. We ensure we listen to the patient and the nurse is very much involved in this listening exercise, ensuring that when the patient is talking we both have eye contact. “When patients leave, they are escorted to the reception by the dentist/nurse and thanked for their visit. We relay any message to reception confidentially so the patient doesn’t feel alone with the long walk down the corridor to reception. This also ensures vital information is not missed. Follow up calls are often made to ensure that the patient had all their questions answered and also gives them a second opportunity to ask more questions they have thought about. This client focused process enables us to provide only the very best service to everyone we treat.” Staff are vital to ensuring that every patient has a truly exceptional, relaxing experience, and as such David is understandably proud of his team. He explains how they are constantly seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding so that they are always able to offer a truly cutting edge service. “Our focus is education. We aim to educate our clients about the importance of their oral health and habits that can damage their teeth. We offer a holistic approach when treating the public, taking a keen interest in their general health and diet. Our approach aims to promote a healthy mouth and healthy lifestyle. “Additionally, to ensure our service remains consistent we partake in regular training and team bonding exercises. We are all trained in basic, advanced life support and safeguarding. All our staff are up to date with their training and continued professional development. This allows us to ensure our patients are safe and well balanced.” Alongside training, technology is another key area that the firm works hard to stay ahead of, as David highlights. “Pain free dentistry is at the core of our practice. We constantly strive to provide a positive experience, which will change the mind of a dental phobic. Technology has also reduced the time taken to do most procedures reducing the characteristic aching jaw after treatment. As such, we stay abreast of modern technology and only use tested and proven quality materials and equipment. Over the years technology has transformed the way dentistry is practiced and now more than ever dentistry can be carried out totally pain free. “As part of this dedication to being at the very cutting edge of the latest technical developments in dentistry, our fillings are mercury and BPA free, root canals are machine assisted, and our Filling setting lights are efficient enabling us to complete fillings 5 times quicker than traditional methods. All these techniques and pieces of equipment are used to improve patient comfort.” Ultimately, despite the challenges that both the dental market and Chrysanth itself faces, David is confident that the firm will overcome these and continue to flourish, as she concludes. “Currently, the biggest challenge in dentistry is the impending dental contract due for release in 2018. This could truly change the way dentistry is practiced in the UK. Pilot practices have indicated this new contract mainly based on prevention “Although we are not within the NHS system, changes within it directly affect all dental practices. To counteract this, we are already preparing our patients and educating them on these changes, we always give our patient the NHS option and it is important for them to be aware of the changes occurring so they can make an informed decision during the treatment planning processes. “Overall, Chrysanth dental care is a forward thinking company and even within current affairs we ensure we remain flexible and dependable for our clients. The population is hanging on to their teeth and incidence of tooth decay remains relatively high in today’s population, but access to a NHS dentist is at a low. To negate this, we offer quality dentistry at an affordable price and have extended opening times to fit in with people’s lifestyles. This reduces the barriers to seek dental treatment and will ensure that we continue to provide clients with the same exceptional level of supportive treatment going forward.”

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