2017 Dental & Oral Health Awards

6 GHP / 2017 Dental &Oral Health Awards , DEN17010 A J Hedger & Associates Excellence in Dentistry Ltd is a private, family friendly Dental Practice that strives to deliver excellence to all its patients. We invited Andre Hedger to tell us more. Established in 1981, Excellence in Dentistry Ltd works with a variety of people, ranging from small children who are just learning the importance of oral hygiene to adults who have neglected their mouths for many years and come to the practice to learn new techniques and improve the health and overall look of their teeth and smile. Andre explains the practice’s service offering in more detail. “At the practice, we provide a wide range of services. First and foremost, all of our patients have regular Dental Examinations and Hygienist visits. Our aim is to motivate everyone to floss, use electric tooth brushes and maintain the highest standard of Oral Hygiene. We send out monthly emails with tips and advice for the patients and also have many demonstration videos on our website and YouTube that can be accessed for free. High quality restorative dentistry is given and cosmetic dentistry always offered with choices including implants, orthodontics and teeth whitening. “Fundamentally, we cater for all types of patients and pride ourselves on the care and compassion given to nervous patients, even offering them hypnosis to help gain their confidence and trust before starting up treatment. Our specific focus is to provide a quality service and treat patients as if they were part of our own families.” The pursuit of excellence has been a lifelong focus of Andre’s since qualifying from Guy’s hospital 1972. After realising during a scholarship to South Africa that he still had much more to learn he continues to attend vast numbers of courses to learn new skills and constantly keep developing and evolving in this industry. Looking ahead, he aims to continue enhancing his service offering to support his patients and offer them a truly cutting edge solution, as he concludes. “Moving forward, we plan to continue monitoring and adapting our services. Continually updating our practice and working hard to keep patients motivated in the ways of good oral hygiene will ensure our continued success.”

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