GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

10 GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 , Established in 2001, today VSM Healthcare is the UK’s leading oral healthcare marketing and communications agency. Drawing on a wealth of experience, their unique approach to overlaying sector insights and in-depth knowledge enhances its clients’ communications, delivering exceptional and measurable outcomes using the five points of the VSM Star. The first of these is insight and policy, as the VSM’s expert knowledge of the oral health sector, along with strong industry and professional relationships allow it to create relevant and meaningful solutions for clients. They also use professional communication to enhance its service offering. Understanding the oral healthcare sector like no other, VSM provides a fresh approach to customer engagement with outstanding results across a wide range of touchpoints. Additionally, VSM are leading the way in using education and development opportunities as an attractive and effective marketing tool. This includes responding to the new enhanced CPD PP180006 Best Oral Healthcare Marketing Specialists - United Kingdom Best Oral Healthcare Marketing Specialists - United Kingdom VSM Healthcare’s unique approach to overlaying sector insights and in-depth knowledge en- hances its clients’marketing communications todeliver exceptional andmeasurable outcomes. We explore the secrets behind the firm’s phenomenal success and how it works to support cli- ents in the healthcare and pharmacymarkets. requirements of the General Dental Council. Face to face support is also crucial, and as such VSM is known for being able to deliver great face to face events, be they seminars, national roadshows or product launches. Finally, VSM specialises in consumer marketing. Oral health as a therapy area supports a cradle to give consumer reach. The dental channel is a unique opportunity to influence consumers across a wide range of markets and alternative therapy areas, and one which VSM helps clients to utilise to its full potential. Alongside these five points, VSM utilises its knowledge of the regulations of the pharma industry to use cutting-edge marketing and innovative packaging as a tool to deliver key messages within the oral healthcare sector. These communication methods ensure all messages are attractive and relevant to support compliance. Within the professional setting, VSM have used their vast regulatory knowledge and the commitment to excellence demonstrated by its focus on adhering to its five-point plan