GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

12 GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 , The formation of RJG Technologies in 2015 brought together two world- recognised experts in the field of plastics technology, Rod Groleau and John Goff, who had separately pioneered an approach for injection moulding using scientific principles in the USA and Great Britain. This approach revolutionised the plastics industry and has made RJG an international leader providing consultancy, training, and technological know-how for those using plastics in a cross- section of industries including the medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors. Richard explores how the firm works to provide clients with innovative solutions that meet their needs. “Here at RJG Technologies, our team has expertise in all PP180001 Best Global Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy - UK RJG Technologies is an independent, non-biased company offering injectionmoulding process support, training and advisory services. We caught upwithRichard Brown to learnmore about the firmand explore the secrets behind its success. elements of converting plastic pellets into quality products. Through years of industry experience, the team has gained a deep understanding of how things work, and this knowledge enables us to shape our consultancy services around issues that companies are facing on a daily basis. “As part of this approach, we always apply best practice to ensure we consistently support customers. It can be challenging to inform a customer of errors made during design/ development/industrialisation. However, instead of providing customers, with problems we aim to always provide solutions. When supporting a customer, our engineers always work on the concept of being part of the customer’s manufacturing team and therefore success is shared.” The firm supports a vast array of clients from across the corporate landscape. Richard explores the clients it works with in the pharmaceutical market and how it tailors its services to their specific requirements. “Supporting a range of clients, we work with many blue chip customer’s in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging sector as well as with entrepreneurs developing a product for the sector. Over the years we have supported many products from part development into industrialisation and mass manufacture. The majority of the work we undertake around the world with designer engineers and manufacturers is sensitive and highly confidential as it is usually associated with new product development that can be two to three years away for the product launch window. We have acquired a reputation for respecting this that we are very proud of. “Working in such a highly regulated industry we need stay ahead of emerging developments and regulatory changes. We constantly aim to research any actual or proposed changes in the regulatory requirements for medical part manufacture to ensure we are at the leading edge of the consultancy field.” This focus on providing clients in the medical market with solutions that are compliant with the latest health and safety guidelines is a critical part of RGJ’s offering. Richard explores how his firm achieves this. “To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained throughout our product development process at our site we have two ISO Class 8 cleanrooms validated to ISO 14644 Part 1. We also apply Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and best working practices against robust procedures. These working practices are carried over to our customer’s sites when consultancy services are being delivered. “Additionally, our compliance with ISO 9001:2015 is core to our business policies and procedures and is recognised by our customer base as we offer robust procedures to deliver our consultancy support to ensure that all elements of the scope of certification requirements are effectively addressed. This new standard puts greater emphasis on leadership engagement and addresses organizational risks and opportunities. Our ISO 9001 scope being: Providing services to the injection moulding industry with respect to training, consultancy, product development and process technology within classified working environments.” As part of its commitment to offer clients unique and innovative solutions, RJG has to ensure that its staff are working towards it’s mission and driving the firm to success, as Richard explains. “For a company with a small number of employees, we have an extraordinarily broad mix of skills to meet our customers’ needs. At RJG, everyone is encouraged to provide input, with creative thinking being a natural part of the development process. We recognise that what we do has to be enjoyable to provide job satisfaction as well as being financially rewarding for the business. Our mission is to get RJG recognised as a global leader for Injection Moulding Consultancy, Training and Process Instrumentation through market awareness, innovative product development and consideration to the environments we work in, and to achieve this we understand the importance of our team. We are always striving to develop and improve to ensure we are the best we can be, as people, as a team and as a Richard Brown Managing Director