GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 13 company to deliver an unrivalled service to our customers. “As such, the culture of the business is based around a Team ethos. Our core values and purpose are based around a three-year strategy that narrows our focus in order to help us be as successful as possible. Our core values are centred on going the extra mile to provide our customers with consultancy and training that exceeds their needs, something they really appreciate. Our customers value our approach: to provide honesty, accuracy, efficiency, and consistency in everything we do, as we are always looking to develop and improve, to ensure we are the best we can be; as people, as a team, and as a company.” With regards to the future of RJG, Richard foresees even greater success as the firm seeks to adapt around market developments and trends. “Looking ahead, we see a future of increased use of cavity pressure technology to gain further understanding of the process to improve productivity. This aligned with scientific moulding and our PRO-OP™ software as the method of process optimisation applied fully supports added value applications such as cavity pressure technology. Using such technology helps validate the process development and can reduce the lead times required for development and validation. The PRO-OP™ process optimisation methodology and strategy for validation applied at RJG significantly reduces the lead times from initial part development to industrialisation. As such, we are excited to provide this unique solution to our clients and help drive change in the plastic moulding market.” Company: RJG Technologies Ltd Contact: Richard Brown Address: 26 Tresham Road, Orton, Southgate, Peterborough PE2 6SG, UK Phone: +44 (0) 1733 232211 Website: Best Global Plastic Injection Moulding Consultancy - UK