GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 15 , Established in 2001, Kite Packaging has remained committed since inception to becoming the premier packaging supplier in the UK with a philosophy of employee-ownership. Gavin explores how the firm has worked to achieve this and how far it has come since it began. “Founded 16 years ago, Kite is now one of the country’s leading packaging suppliers. From day one we set out to partner with customers who saw the value in a solution provider rather than just another packaging supplier. We look after some of UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors providing support and engineered solutions from the first design concept, to trials and prototypes, to packing process and customer experience, even Best Pharmaceutical Packaging Supplier - UK Kite Packaging is a Coventry based firm that offers a wide range of packaging suitable for a variety of industries. We invited Gavin Ashe to tell us more about the firm and the range of products it offers. to end of life recycling and environmental compliance. “Although much has changed since we began, our client focus remains the same. From the moment Kite Packaging was founded, we established it as an employee-owned business so that every single employee could share in the benefits that come from giving great customer service. Our belief in employee ownership is a key founding principle of Kite Packaging because at the heart of every good long-term relationship there has to be a sense of partnership. With our employee partners, our customer partners and our supplier partners there is the simple truth that what is in the long term good of one has to be in the long term good of the other. This has allowed us to invest in our business to build a truly great platform from which to service our customers, support our suppliers and grow our employees.” Today, Kite has a dedicated in-house team of load retention specialists in which they have heavily invested in. One area in which the firm specifically focuses on is in relation to highlight testing. Kite can work out the containment forces involved in the palletisation process, and can work out how packages can be safely transported. To continue to do this and adapt its service offering, the firm has to work to continue supporting its valued staff, and as such this is a part of Kite’s ongoing mission, as Gavin explains. “Our mission at Kite is to continue to grow and exceed customer expectations and that is all about great employee partners so we put huge effort into growing great talent. With our graduate program and apprentice program now being well established, we have now opened our training academy to support talent.” Operating in such a competitive and fast moving industry, Kite has to continually adapt to ensure that it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments. As such, the firm has recently extended their airshock range, which now includes dedicated items specifically for Pharmaceuticals along with a wide range that will work with any item customers want to protect as long as it fits within the usable dimensions. Pharmaceuticals are often very fragile and of great importance and value, therefore it is crucial to ensure they arrive in one piece. Kite’s airshock range offers armoured air protection and will ensure fragile goods arrive undamaged. With regards to the future, Gavin foresees even greater success for Kite as the firm works to continue innovating and creating unique solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly evolving industry. “Looking ahead, we continue to be ambitious for growth. Recently, we launched our aerospace and defence division which specialise in this highly regulated area, and going forward we will continue to adapt and enhance our service offering to ensure continued excellence for our clients. The pharmaceutical market has for many years been sheltered by high margins from the need to minimise packaging, but we think that economic pressures and far greater awareness of the environmental impact of wasteful packaging will encourage a more proactive approach, and we aim to be at the forefront of this as we look towards a bright and exciting future.” PP180005 Company: Kite Packaging Contact: Gavin Ashe Address: 168 Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry, CV4 9AJ, UK Phone: 02476 420065 Website: