GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

18 GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 , Founded in 1965 in Montabaur, Germany, Klöckner Pentaplast has operations in 18 countries and employs over 6,300 people committed to serving customers worldwide from 61 total locations, including 35 production sites. kp Pharma manufactures the industry’s most extensive range of pharmaceutical and medical device packaging films, from mono films to high performance barrier enhanced films. kp Pharma’s mission is to be the customer’s preferred and trusted partner for innovative and high value pharmaceutical Best Rigid Plastic Film Manufacturer 2018 Klöckner Pentaplast is a global leader in rigid and flexible packaging, printing and speciality solutions, serving the pharmaceutical, medical device, food, beverage and card markets, among others. With a broad portfolio of packaging films and services powered by innovation, Klöckner Pentaplast plays an integral role in the customer value chain by safeguarding product integrity, assuring safety and consumer health, improving sustainability and protecting brand reputation.We review the capabilities of Klöckner Pentaplast’s Pharmaceutical &Medical Device Films Division (kp Pharma) to learnmore about its strategic vision and innovative new products. and medical device barrier packaging solutions. To achieve this, the company is focused on adapting its solution offerings to meet customer needs such as extended product shelf life, drug safety and integrity and compliant package designs. A deep understanding of market drivers including growth in OTC and generic drugs, increasing demand for lifestyle disease drugs and maturing of emerging markets allow kp Pharma to stay ahead of the curve. kp Pharma is always looking for the newest technological breakthrough in rigid film. These solutions include hot fill PP180007 applications, liquid products as well as ultra high barrier innovations to meet the higher demand for increased moisture and oxygen barrier required to package new highly sensitive drugs. kp Pharma offers a portfolio of innovated films under the Pentapharm ® brand. Pentapharm ® Aclar ® series, Pentapharm ® alfoil ® PVdC high barrier films and Pentapharm ® LiquiGuard™, the latest inventive addition for hot and cold fill applications for unit dose blisters, are some of the high quality offerings and cost effective solutions. In addition, Pentapharm ® BlisterPro ® XCEL services offer advanced pharmaceutical packaging design and prototyping capabilities to enable accuracy in stability testing allowing for accelerated market introduction. kp Pharma aims to generate sustainable value by becoming the number one provider of pharmaceutical and medical device plastic film solutions worldwide. Recently kp Pharma made investments at its Bern, Switzerland site and Suzhou, China site to address changing market needs. Further investments are planned for its Cotia, Brazil site this year. These investments along with the dedicated global teams enable kp Pharma to better service customers in different regions of the world. kp Pharma encourages and rewards their employees to excel in delivering optimal customer satisfaction. It is the strong values, strategies and employee position that enable kp Pharma to continue innovating and growing. Company: Klöckner Pentaplast Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Address: Industriestraße 3-5, 56412 Heiligenroth Phone: +49 2602 915 0 Contact Email: [email protected] Web:

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