GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

20 GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 , up in 2012 to support clients from the pharmaceutical industry in mainland Europe, with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with packaging design and artwork production for printed packaging materials.” “Our life sciences locations are designed to provide in-region service to global organisations, providing normal business hour support with cultural and linguistic familiarity. Likewise, if clients need a 24-hour service then our team can set-up a ‘follow the sun’ approach that leverages out-of- region production talent to execute quick turn projects. Almost universally, when we engage new clients we find that the goal is not simply to outsource tasks or a business process, but rather to make important changes that drive significant value in areas such as time, cost and scale”. Thanks to this commitment to providing exceptional client service that is truly flexible and designed to meet the individual clients’ unique needs, Schawk has benefited from an extensive portfolio of clients. This has led the company to develop a wealth of knowledge on the needs of clients from across the pharmaceutical market, something which Carsten is keen to highlight. Schawk has been working within the pharmaceutical sector for nearly two decades, recognising in the early 2000s that as the appetite for outsourcing artwork within the industry grew that there was a benefit in developing a specialist offering for this sector. Best Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Specialists 2018 Schawk has been serving brand owners and printers for 150+ years with their deep expertise in packaging. The company understands that the needs of the pharmaceutical sector are unique and require a partnerwho iswell versed in the regulatorynuances of producing pharmaceutical artwork and labels. To address these unique demands, Schawk has developed a specialized life sciences group. To learn more about this services, we invited Carsten Hoppmann from the Schawk Pharma Center inMunich to tell us more. From this strategy, Schawk’s life sciences offering was born, with specific studios developed as the global Business Centres for this service. Carsten shares a fascinating insight into how Schawk’s pharmaceutical and life sciences division has flourished over the years to enjoy the strong market position it holds today. PP180008 “Since inception, we have worked hard to support the pharmaceutical and life sciences market, and today, the Schawk Pharma centre is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The GMP-compliant artwork studio in Munich was set

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