GHP 2018 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards

6 GHP / Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards 2018 , Zoetis Inc. has celebrated the start of construction on a combined global manufacturing and supply and research and development center in Suzhou, China, with a traditional groundbreaking ceremony. The new facility will focus on development and production of quality vaccines for swine, cattle, fish and companion animals that help protect against the strains of diseases prevalent in China. Zoetis also marked the opening of an interim research GHB17007 Zoetis to Expand Animal Vaccine Research and Manufacturing in Suzhou, China Company begins construction of state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing and research and development facilities in Suzhou to support growth, with operations set to focus on development and manufacturing of vaccines for pigs, cattle and fish and companion animals tailored to the animal health needs of China. and development facility nearby in Suzhou where the company’s PHARMAQ business will begin to develop vaccines for the farmed fish industry in China; the first such R&D center established by a multinational company to concentrate on aquaculture in mainland China. The events affirmed the company’s continued investment in and commitment to innovation, manufacturing excellence and growth in China. “We at Zoetis have a deep understanding of the animal health challenges that livestock farmers and veterinary professionals in China face every day,” said Mike Wang, Senior Vice President, Greater China Cluster for Zoetis. “With this new center for vaccine innovation co-located with expanded manufacturing capabilities in Suzhou, and a team of highly trained field representatives, we are well-positioned to help China’s livestock farmers answer increasing demand for a safe and abundant supply of pork, milk, beef and fish. And we can support veterinarians as they strive to help pets live longer, healthier lives.” Zoetis is a leading multi-national animal health company in China with revenue of $174 million (USD) in China in 2017. Zoetis began operations in China in 1995 and has approximately 600 employees and commercial headquarters in Shanghai. The product portfolio includes more than 80 product lines that span five product categories, including vaccines, parasiticides, anti-infectives, medicated feed additives and other pharmaceutical products, which serve six core animal species - pigs, dairy cattle, poultry, fish, dogs and cats. China is the fifth largest market for Zoetis by annual revenue worldwide. The planned vaccine research and development (R&D) center in Suzhou will expand and strengthen the innovation underway at the Zoetis R&D laboratory in Beijing, which opened in 2015. “The future work of our scientists in Suzhou will help accelerate the development of quality vaccines tailored to meet the animal health needs of the China market, and it will enable expansion from our initial focus on vaccines for swine to those for cattle and fish as well as for companion animals,” said Dr. Catherine Knupp, Executive Vice President and President of Research and Development at