2018 Private Healthcare Awards

14 GHP / 2018 Private Healthcare Awards , The Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic provides the very highest standards of care and treatment for sports injuries, arthritis and painful bone and joint conditions. Chris tells us more about the clinic and the services it offers. “Here at the Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic, we treat professional sporting athletes ranging from Premier League professional football and rugby players to Olympic athletes Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic but also treat a vast number of amateur athletes with sporting injuries. The sporting population who are treated at our clinic receive treatment for shoulder and elbow injuries, for example fractures, dislocation and ligament injuries, as well as sporting overuse injuries such as muscle and tendon damage. We also specialise in degenerative conditions affecting the entire upper limb. We are leading specialists in the treatment of arthritic conditions of the upper limb with shoulder or elbow replacements as well as providing patients with the cutting edge arthroscopic (keyhole surgery) treatments to enable rapid recovery from surgical treatment and return to normal activities, free of pain.” Overall, the Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic is built around the ethos of perpetual developments and building on previous achievements. This is presently reflected in the research projects it is undertaking, but also in examining techniques to incorporate modern materials to address previously insurmountable surgical challenges, with particular reference to the irreparable rotator cuff tendons. Moving forward, the clinic faces many exciting challenges and developments, as Chris concludes. “Looking to the future, there are a number of upcoming challenges in a rapidly changing market. There are an expanding number of healthcare providers providing care to increasingly educated and informed patients. Our response to this is simple; we will strive to provide the highest quality surgical experience we can. We aim to provide individual patients with care personalised to their unique situation and requirements. We will continue to be as honest and transparent regarding our own practice, results and outcomes as possible. Within this framework, in spite of the changing healthcare market, we will continue to tailor our care specifically to our patients.” Company: Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic Contact: Chris Peach Address: Cheshire Shoulder and Elbow Clinic, Manor Lodge, Mill Lane, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 2NT, UK Phone: 07720 291033 Website: www.shouldersandelbows.co.uk Cheshire Shoulder and ElbowClinic is a clinic dedicated to treating patients with problems with their upper limbs and is led by leading specialist Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeons Chris Peach and Barnes Morgan. We caught up with Chris to find out more. Best Sports Injury Therapy Specialists - North West England PHA18013 Barnes Morgan Chris Peach

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