2018 Private Healthcare Awards

18 GHP / 2018 Private Healthcare Awards , Established in 2015, GMG connects international health insurances providers, employers, and their members to world-class healthcare in Malaysia. The dedicated and professional team offer award-winning centres of excellence and highly experienced practitioners that provide affordable health George Medical Getaway care without sacrificing quality. Benjamin explores the company’s mission and the techniques it employs to achieve this. “Here at GMG, our mission is to be the world’s best global health referral, facilitation, and concierge service that advocates for international medical equality. By combining best of Western and Eastern practices, GMG has built the foundation of the new global health system.” As a family run firm, GMG employs a supportive, family orientated internal culture to ensure that it provides everyone with the very highest standards of support and service. Ultimately, the George family has been serving in healthcare since 1969 providing us unique access to healthcare providers in Malaysia. This allows GMG to provide streamlined, no waiting time health services and has made the firm the largest multidisciplinary, multihospital medical and wellness tourism service provider in Southeast Asia. Moreover, GMG is the only local medical referral, facilitation, and concierge provider in Malaysia and is a Certified Medical Tourism Facilitator by the MTA (USA). Looking ahead, the firm will continue to develop its service offering to ensure continued success for the firm and excellence for clients, as Benjamin proudly concludes. “Moving forward, in 2018 we will be implementing three key strategies at GMG. Firstly, strengthening our International Medical Tourism Program. Secondly, innovating services for medical providers to enhance their reputation with their international patients. Finally, we will be promoting wellness tourism to showcase Malaysia’s health providers globally. “All of these developments will help drive us towards our long-term goal; being at the forefront of medical tourism as Malaysia’s medical public-private partnerships are fostering the translation of ground-breaking research into innovative medical practices. Currently, we offer access to legal stem cells, IVF/PGD, minimally invasive procedures, alternative medicine, and innovative oncology treatment, and in the future we will aim to build upon this to support our clients and the healthcare industry as a whole.” Company: George Medical Getaway Contact: Benjamin Philip George Address: 498-1-2 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia Phone: +603-2727-7472 Website: www.georgemedicalgetaway.com Email: [email protected] GeorgeMedical Getaway (GMG) offers an innovative international medical tourismprogram that is used by individuals, governments, insurances providers, and self-funded employers from over 20 countries. We spoke to Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Benjamin Philip George to learnmore. Best Medical Tourism Facilitator 2018 - Malaysia PHA18019

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