2018 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2018 Private Healthcare Awards 19 , Internationally renowned amongst the healthcare industry, Professor Ahmed and his research has led to many innovative solutions and products which benefit men. An expert in the field of prostate cancer, Professor Ahmed is a pioneer in the sector, and is at the forefront of diagnosing and treating men, all with minimally invasive therapies which carry few side- effects. Prof. Hashim Ahmed Boasting a noteworthy portfolio, Professor Ahmed is an award- winning clinician and researcher who has spoken at conferences and received recognition from prestigious publications, on top of his selection as Prostate Cancer Specialist of the Year within the United Kingdom. Furthermore, travelling globally to speak to others about his treatments, Professor Ahmed has also been Visiting Professor at UCLA in California, Weill Cornell in New York City and Tokyo Medical School. Throughout his career, Professor Ahmed has performed hundreds of MRI guided image-fusion transperineal biopsies and hundreds of HIFU therapies. Adding to his sterling reputation, he is the highest volume cryotherapy surgeon for prostate cancer in Europe and one of the highest volume cryotherapy surgeons internationally. With others following his lead, Professor Ahmed has led research showing the effectiveness of these techniques and continues to innovate. Dedicated, innovative and ambitious, Professor Ahmed has taught a multitude of international urologists in these respective procedures, whilst also giving an abundance of invited lectures, which have seen him being part of course faculty around the world in a variety of areas. Essentially, Professor Ahmed offers minimally invasive therapies for the effective treatment of benign enlarged prostates causing urinary symptoms. Professor Ahmed has an active research portfolio in prostate disease, and has published many of the key papers driving the change in the diagnostic and treatment pathway of prostate cancer. Ultimately, fully deserving of this award, Professor Ahmed has benefitted many men through his career, and he will continue to search for the next innovative solution which will help men be able to live their lives as normally as possible. Company: Prof. Hashim Ahmed Contact: Chloe Address: Imperial Private Hospital, Thamesview, Charing Cross Hospital, London, W6 8RF, UK Phone: 020 7099 6636 Website: www.londonprostate.co.uk Professor HashimAhmed is a leading international urologist specialising in the management of prostate diseases such as a benign enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. We profile Professor Ahmed, as we look to discover the secrets behind its impressive portfolio. Prostate Cancer Specialist of the Year - United Kingdom PHA18017

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