2018 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2018 Private Healthcare Awards 21 , At Town Hall Dental, patients receive the highest quality dental treatment and patient care, within the elegant surroundings of the practice’s tastefully restored 19th century building. The team believes that Town Hall Dental’s location, architecture and décor combined with the excellent service that they provide, creates a unique dental experience unrivalled across other practices. Rachel explores how this dedication to providing exceptional service marks the practice apart from other dental surgeries in the area. “To ensure that our patients receive a truly unique service, at Town Hall Dental we try to differentiate from other dentists by having the most premier experience from the patients very first contact with us. Whether it is their interaction with our reception staff or receiving their gold envelope in the post informing them about their treatment, every process and treatment at Town Hall Dental is focused around making the patient feel special and cared for. Town Hall Dental “As such, our overall mission is to become the premier dental practice in the North of England, if not the country. We are not focused on becoming the cheapest, or spending the most on marketing, but our goal is to be renowned for our attitudes to patient care, and the ability of our dental staff.” These staff are central to the practice’s success, and as such it is no surprise that Rachel is keen to emphasise how important they are to Town Hall Dental. “Working at Town Hall Dental is being part of a family who are all united around a common goal. Everybody here wants to be the best in the country and provide the best patient care, and we all come together as a team to make sure everybody is happy and motivated. A great patient experience starts with great staff who are excited to come to work every day, and we try to provide everything required for that, from team holidays to Tenerife to regular training. “Additionally, I would just like to add how proud I am personally of all our team, who have been working tirelessly for years continually improving our practice to make it what it is today. Best Practice in the UK is not an award recognising an individual, but testament that every member of the team has done the finest work that they possibly can.” As a forward thinking practice, the team is constantly striving to improve the experience of those who visit our practice, from innovative new treatments to patient care policies, as Rachel highlights. “Operating in the progressive dental world, we are constantly encountering new developments which offer great opportunities for us to better support our patients. From our own experience, we have seen a large influx of patients coming from NHS practices to receive private treatment, and if that can help ease the burden on the health service by providing non-essential dental work we’re happy to do that. “Overall, Dentistry is advancing at a rapid pace, and we are incredibly excited about all the new products that are coming to market. Advances in treatments such as dental implants and orthodontics make our job easier and provide a better experience for our patients. Drawing on its vast experience, Town Hall Dental has always been dedicated to ensuing the ongoing support of its patients in keeping their teeth clean and healthy. As such, the practice announced its intention to launch the Town Hall Dental Foundation at the end of last year. This innovative charity, due to commence operations later this year, will offer a range of services which Rachel is proud to outline in her concluding comments. “Looking to the future, our focus remains on having our own charitable foundation, with the overall goal being to provide educational services for future generations on how to maintain their oral health, as well as providing essential treatments for those who cannot afford it due to poverty. In addition, we hope to use the foundation to provide treatments and care for the families of disabled children. “This exciting development is now set to begin in a few months, and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise and devotion to exceptional oral hygiene with our patients and supporting those who truly need our help. In addition, we are also looking at some amazing new treatments for our patients and expanding the practice even further.” Company: Town Hall Dental Contact: Rachel Dilley Address: The Old Town Hall Thornton, Square, Brighouse, HD6 1EA, UK Phone: 01484723788 TownHall Dental is a private cosmetic dental practice, based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We invited Rachel Dilley, AwardWinning PracticeManager and a veteran of charitable work in theWest Yorkshire area, to tell us more about the practice and the services it offers. Best Dental Practice 2018 - UK PHA18021

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