2019 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2019 Private Healthcare Awards 11 , An award-winning Ophthalmologist, Mr Amar Alwitry draws on his vast industry experience to ensure only the best possible care for his patients. He has published more than 35 research articles and has a Masters in Medical Law, working with NHS Resolutions and NHS Improvements to improve patient safety. He performs more than 1600 cataract procedures per year and has undertaken specialist training in premium lens use. He explores how he works to ensure excellence for every patient he treats. “Professionally, I specialise in cataract and refractive surgery and I undertake mostly cataract surgery often with premium lenses such as trifocal, extended depth of focus or toric lenses. The aim is to make the patient happy and my reputation hopefully has been established. Sometimes its wiser not to operate and I pride myself on delivering a level of care which I would want my parents to receive. “As part of this approach my motto is be kind to your patient, and I strive every day to do that. That encompasses listening, empathising, caring but also be kind to them in giving them the best possible surgical outcome. I am kind to them by making sure I am up to date with the latest literature and advances. Additionally, I also remove the stress and the fear from what can be a stressful and worrisome time. Fundamentally, I am giving them the best chance of better vision with minimal risk, and I take great pride in my work at all times.” Operating in such a vital space, Mr Amar Alwitry aims to constantly offer his patients the very best support and treatments, and this means having access to the very latest technology, as he highlights. “As a practitioner I am lucky that I have access to the Callisto Cataract Suite from Zeiss. This is the latest technology and actively tracks the eye during surgery Contact Details: Company: Mr Amar Alwitry Telephone Number: 0115 7722058 / 0116 4422081 Web Address: www.mids-eyecare.co.uk Hospitals Mr Amar Alwitry works at: Spire Hospital, Nottingham; Circle Hospital, Nottingham; Woodthorpe Hospital, Nottingham; Loughborough Hospital, and Leicester. Mr Amar Alwitry Mr Amar Alwitry: Best Ophthalmologist 2019 – UK & Patient Safety Innovator of the Year - UK Jan19376 Mr Amar Alwitry a Consultant Ophthalmologist working in the EastMidlands and dedicated to ensuring his patients receive the very highest possible standard of care and support. We invited him to tell usmore about his vital work. providing me a head up display down the microscope showing me where to place my incision and the angle to place my toric (astig- matism correcting) intraocular lenses. Its use has been shown to improve outcomes and I am the only one in the East Midlands who has access to it, something which is extremely exciting and allows me to offer all my patients truly cutting-edge treatment.” As he looks ahead, Mr Amar Alwitry believes that learning from the past is key to his ongoing success, as he explains within his concluding comments. “Looking to the future, my plan is to improve and put in place mechanisms to learn from clinical incidents and litigation to ensure that my patients, and patients across the whole of health care including the NHS and the private sector, continue to receive cutting -edge support and treatment. Cur- rently, of the two million incident reports sent in to the National Reporting and Learning Service only 50K are actually read. This means 1.95M are not scrutinised and we are missing valuable learning messages. When things go wrong patients want an apology, they want an explanation, and they want reassurance that the same error does not happen anywhere else in the NHS. We fail on the latter and I hope to continue to strive to address that.”

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