2019 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2019 Private Healthcare Awards 13 , As a leading firm of independent CBT of evidence-based mental health assess- ments treatment and care providers, Efficacy strives to be a centre of excellence, and the firm is well-known for their exceptional clinical outcomes and the outstanding support it offers to its clients. Covering the entire UK thanks to its network of 300 therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, Efficacy can support a range of clients. Thirty of the firm’s therapists are based in London, and the city is a natural location for the firm given a large number of people and a large number of organisations in this region. Having a nationwide presence and centralised governance team allows the company access to the very best talent and knowledge in the CBT market and ensures quality for all of its clients. The firm also values and supports its highly trained and expert staff, and nurture and develop emerging therapists. Thanks to these dedicated, and professional staff, Efficacy has an impressively high recovery rate of 87 percent for people who complete therapy with the firm. The knock-on effects of their recovery having significant positive changes for their families and careers. As part of its focus on providing innovative solutions that meet its clients’ ever-evolving needs, Efficacy offers online CBT that is supported by a senior therapist to help clients that require more flexibility than face to face ses- sions. This is also a cost-effective service to match any clients’ budget and still ensure that they receive high-quality therapy and positive outcome. The organisation also uses remote communication channels like phone, text and Skype and is at the forefront of exploiting health tech for the benefit of the wellbeing of their clients. As an example, Efficacy is evaluating a holistic wellbeing online platform which will enable their clients to get a picture of their physical and mental state and importantly ‘why’ and ‘what action to take’ to improve on their wellbeing if its Contact Details: Company: Efficacy | Name: Shamira Graham Address: 55/54 Cornhill, EC3V 3PD, London |Telephone Number: 0207 929 7911 | Web Address: www.efficacy.org.uk Efficacy Efficacy: Best CBT Therapy Service 2019 - UK Jan19552 Efficacy is the largest, leading private CBT therapy service in London and around the UK. Having recognised the organisation in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards, we profile it to find out more about the vital services it has to offer. necessary. The client will input their data manually and via any wearable tech they might have. Additionally, Efficacy also works closely with corporations, insurers and public health organisations to provide evidence-based mental health promotion, prevention and treatment solutions. A part of this therapy is also provided on site to increase access and flexibility for those struggling with mental health issues. Ultimately, Efficacy is a unique organisation on a mission to help their clients make a positive change in their life, and as such offers an indecent choice at a rate matching most budgets. This is especially important given the fact that health services are challenged by the big number of people suffering from mental health issues in the UK. Statistics report that one in four people will experience mental health problems in their adult life. On top of this, the mental health issues experienced with children, teens and the young are on the rise, as well, and as such the organisation remains dedicated to providing its award-winning support over the years to come. “Mental health issues experienced within children, teens and the young are on the rise, as well, and as such the organisation Efficancy remains dedicated to providing clients with its award-winning support over the years to come.”

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