2019 Private Healthcare Awards

, Refresh Cosmetic Surgery Best Onco Plastic Breast & Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Consultant Onco Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic SurgeonMrMaisamFazel leads Refresh Healthcare incorporating Refresh Cosmetic Surgery (an aesthetic and plastic surgery clinic) and Thames Breast Clinic (a breast diagnostic and breast cancer treatment service) which are committed to the highest standards in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as in breast care. We invitedMaisam to tell us more about his clinic and his work in this vital practice area. Supporting both cosmetic patients through his work at Refresh Cosmetic Surgery, as well as breast disease and cancer sufferers through Thames Breast Clinic, Maisam draws on vast experience to provide every patient with exceptional care and support. He discusses the range of services he and his various teams have to offer. “As an onco plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon, my team and I provide a comprehensive service aimed at assessing patients with breast concerns, diagnosing breast disease and then treating breast cancer through sophisticated onco plastic techniques as part of a multidisciplinary team. “Allied with that, we offer a full range of cosmetic interventions, both surgical and non-surgical. On the breast disease side, our typical patients are those who have developed a concern about their breast and want a rapid breast assessment. On the cosmetic side, most of our patients are seeking to restore their body, usually after children, and are looking to achieve a natural but refreshed look.” At Refresh, the team works really hard to provide its clients with exceptional standards of service that stand out from its competitors in the cosmetic & breast care market. Maisam believes this is achieved through two core principles, which he is keen to highlight. “Seeking to offer our clients the innovative care they cannot find anywhere else, at Refresh we have unique features: The first is patient tailored care. We believe that when patients choose to receive care in the private sector with us, the offering should be more than just a nicer surrounding. We differentiate ourselves by making each and every patient feel special, and tailor their entire care, from appointments, surgery, wound checks and out of hours service, to revolve around their particular circumstances. Likewise, if a patient asks to be seen with a breast concern, we almost always see them on the same day thus eliminating the anxiety of waiting for an appointment. “The second unique feature of our firm is the range of surgical and non-surgical treatments we offer. In being able to blend the management of breast disease through onco plastic techniques with aesthetic surgical principles, our patients benefit from cross-fertilization of concepts. Thanks to the array of unique techniques, we are able to offer our patients support and service that our competitors find difficult to match We also take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and as part of this we work closely with a number of charities to increase breast cancer awareness in ethnic and migrant populations, as well as to increase the uptake of breast cancer screening in these populations..” Looking towards the future, Maisam Fazel foresees many exciting developments for both himself and for his clinic, as he is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, I am eager to expand Refresh to support a wider range of patients, whilst at the same time working to ensure that I continue to provide them all with the same exceptional level of care and service that they have come to expect. “Within our market, the most significant development we are seeing is the continued growth in self-pay patients. We feel this is likely to continue and have worked with fellow providers to develop fixed price packages. This will then provide patients with a clear pathway price when considering self-pay treatment. We anticipate this and other developments will ensure the ongoing success for my team and for Refresh.” Contact Details: Company: Refresh Cosmetic Surgery Name: Maisam Fazel Address: 51 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QQ Telephone Number: 08006129177 Web Address: www.maisamfazel.com 4 GHP / 2019 Private Healthcare Awards

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