2019 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2019 Private Healthcare Awards 5 , Boutique Whitening Boutique Whitening: Tooth Whitening Brand of the Year 2019 - Northern England BoutiqueWhitening is an innovative teethwhitening firmproviding premiumquality whitening gel that delivers superior results, with a noticeable improvement in just a few days. We invited CEO PremSehmi to tell us more, and share an insight into the secrets behind the firm’s success. Established in 2013, Boutique Whitening quickly flourished and became the premier teeth-whitening brand in the UK. Today, their products are sold in Australia, Greece, Slovakia, Poland, France, Romania, the UAE, the Netherlands and in the USA. Prem discusses the firm’s solutions in more detail and explores how they have changed the face of the teeth whitening industry for the better. “Here at Boutique Whitening, we firmly believe that the more that dentists, and patients, know about teeth-whitening products and procedures, the safer they will be. Part of our promotion as a company is to strongly advocate that patients should only go to a dentist for their whitening, rather than a beauty salon, or hair-dresser. The products used for whitening can be caustic, and if used incorrectly, they can lead to burning and scarring. “We have worked hard to provide safe, reliable products and to raise the bar in terms of the presentation of whitening products. Rather than plastic, clinical looking packaging, we are using a beautiful UV-printed damask- pattern box, containing a metal presentation case with the whitening gels inside. Cosmetic products should look beautiful and we believe this is where we really stand out. As such, we have achieved international acclaim since inception and continue to flourish.” Operating in the fast-paced and highly regulated teeth-whitening arena, Boutique Whitening has to work very hard to remain at the forefront of emerging market developments. Prem highlights how the firm works to achieve this so that it can continue to offerits clients and their patients cutting- edge tooth whitening products that they can rely on. “At Boutique Whitening we try and innovate and stay ahead of the field, evidenced by our new products. Thankfully, the active ingredients required for teeth- whitening have not been changed in over a century, so we make sure we have a pure, and well manufactured product and wrap it in the best-looking packaging, which dentists and patients seem to love. “The law regarding tooth whitening was recently changed which means that all manufacturers can only sell whitening gel of a prescribed maximum strength. This has largely rendered in-surgery whitening obsolete and means that the companies now grow based on how well they look after their customers. This has never been an issue for Boutique Whitening, as from the very beginning our focus has been on quality and patient care, and as such we have been able to con- tinue to develop our solutions and offer our clients our award-winning solutions.” Seeking to enhance its already impressive success, Boutique Whitening has many exciting plans for the future, as Prem is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead, the future for Boutique Whitening is to continue to push with our global expansion and enter as many new territories as possible. We will also be conducting a huge consumer- based marketing campaign in the Autumn of 2019, with the aim of driving more patients to our loyal customers. These developments will ensure our ongoing success and help us to achieve our mission: to provide dental professionals with the best quality products, backed by the best and by the most comprehensive education, with the best levels of service and at the best prices.” Contact Details: Company: Boutique Whitening Name: Prem Sehmi Address: 13/14 Navigation Court, Calder Park, Wakefield WF2 7BJ Telephone Number: 01138 800 273 Web Address: www.boutiquewhitening.com Jan19254

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