2019 Private Healthcare Awards

GHP / 2019 Private Healthcare Awards 9 , Contact Details: Company: Faye Pattison Physiotherapy Ltd Name: Faye and James Elwood Address: 390 Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9RA Telephone Number: 01245 690520 Web Address: www.fayepattison.com Faye Pattison Physiotherapy Ltd Best Physiotherapy Clinic 2019 - Essex Jan19354 Established in 2012, Faye Pattison Physiotherapy was designed to provide fun, friendly and professional Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and healthcare for children from birth to adults from all walks of life. To this very day Faye Pattison Physiotherapy remains a growing, multidisciplinary healthcare clinic offering Physiotherapy, Soft tissue therapy, Massage therapy including Sports massage, Deep tissue massage and relaxation massage. Nutrition, Acupuncture, Intramuscular Stimulation, Biomechanics and orthotics which includes custom made insoles and flip flops. Pioneers in the physiotheraphy industry, the practice is leading the way in Musculoskeletal healthcare in Essex and have the majority of local consultants and surgeons Faye Pattison Physiotherapy is a dynamic healthcare clinic dedicated to providing a hands-on approach to the diagnosis, treatment and advice of musculoskeletal aches and pains. As part of our overviewof a selection of the winners from this year’s Private Healthcare Awards we profile the practice to learnmore about the secrets behind its success. referring their patients to this innovative clinic. The practice’s clients are at the forefront of every decision made. The team have the facilities to either treat the patient as a whole with various disciplines and customised orthotics to enable Faye Pattison Physiotherapy to keep everything in house, unless the team have to refer on for imaging or a consultants’ second opinion. This full-spectrum service and expert support is currently what differentiates Faye Pattison Physiotherapy from its competitors and marks it out as the best pos- sible option for its valued clients. With a supportive internal culture, the entire practice feels welcomed and appreciated, and as such staff and clients alike receive the support they need. Seeking to build upon its already impressive success, moving for- ward Faye Pattison Physiotherapy plans to grow into a larger space to start offering exercise and class- based services. This will then help the practice to become a one- stop-shop in the musculoskeletal world and offer its clients the services they need to feel healthy and happy. FAYE PATTISON PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD

http://www.bristolhandsurgery.co.uk/ http://www.elegantsmiles.co.uk/ http://www.fayepattison.com/ http://www.londonprostate.co.uk/ http://www.mids-eyecare.co.uk/ http://www.swedishsmileclinic.co.uk/