Private Healthcare Awards 2020

10 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Cura Global Ltd Best Cancer Care Recruitment Specialists 2020 - UK Based in South London, Cura Global Ltd are a specialist healthcare recruitment agency striving to improve the quality and consistency of care for cancer patients. Recently, we caught up with CEOMichael Helleur to find out more about the extraordinary services the award- winning firm consistently delivers. As an emerging name in the recruitment world, Cura Global Ltd are dedicated to the recruitment of cancer staff for long-term roles. By focusing on this niche, the firm contribute towards ensuring patients see the same friendly faces while receiving expert care. To start, Michael gives us a brief overview of the firm and the type of clients with whom they work with. “Here at Cura Global, we work with both the public and private sectors to ensure there is a higher standard of care for those who have cancer. Every year, another 366,000 people in the UK are given a cancer diagnosis and there is a distinct lack of experienced staff that have the skills and capabilities to care for those recently diagnosed. “By only working on contract and permanent roles, we ensure there is a consistency of care to patients. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you automatically put your trust in those who care for you. This is the epitome of Cura Global. With our database of vetted nurses, we connect people who need care with those best qualified to provide it. “When we launched our business, our goal was to identify how we can use technology to magnify our service. This has included our marketing Feb20464 strategies, our recruitment campaigns as well as the ability for our candidates to have 24/7 access to our services.” Many healthcare recruitment agencies focus on generic nursing roles but as Michael goes on to explain Cura easily distinguish themselves from their competitors through their niche offering. “Having personally worked in healthcare recruitment for nearly 20 years, I have seen many companies purely focus on generic roles opposed to those specialist roles which are desperately needed. “By being the only agency in the UK purely dedicated to the provision of cancer staffing, we offer a unique approach to healthcare recruitment. However, we are not only a staffing business, we are also an educational one who regularly highlights news and articles regarding cancer and share these with our candidates through newsletters and social media outlets. We also help fund further cancer research by committing to donate a proportion of our profits to cancer charities.” With the recent outbreak of COVID 19 there has never been a tougher time to be a Nurse, and it’s clear Cura want to do their bit to support the mental and physical wellbeing of Nurses during this time as Michael further explains. “At Cura Global, we continue to help our nurses. We are here to help and offer support to those that need it, both already working for us our any Nurse that needs help. That is why we have developed a Nurses survival kit, which contains useful information on how to manage their own wellbeing. “For us, this is part of the service. Having grown up with my mum as an A&E nurse, I understood the pressures she had of not only caring for patients, but also supporting us as a family. If she had no outlet or support mechanism, it would be very easy for both her and anyone else to feel entrapped.” Statistics show in the UK, one in two people will get cancer during their lifetime with 42% of cancer cases being preventable. Despite this there are still approximately 164,000 deaths a year with that number due to increase with a further 366,000 cases year on year. Despite billions of pounds spent on research, there is no 100% cure to cancer and with there being a drop in the number of specialist doctors in recent times, it’s clear to see Michael wants this to change. “At Cura Global, our research highlights that there has been a drop of 23% of doctors who specialise in cancer over the last two years. In addition, 200,000 nurses are due to retire in the next 10 years. All these statistics give Cura a reignited passion to help improve those odds for those who have cancer by spreading awareness in addition to helping staff those organisations that need it.” Finally, Michael commented on the future of Cura Global Ltd and what its plans are for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. “Once we have firmly established our growing reputation in the UK, our desire is to help both the public and private sectors with staff shortages, the training of general nurses on how to become qualified cancer specialists and work with other countries on how to improve the lives of those who suffer with cancer.” Contact Name: Michael Helleur Telephone Number: 020 3995 4029 Address: Interchange House, 1st Floor, 81-85 Station Road, Croydon, CR0 2RD Web Address: