Private Healthcare Awards 2020

12 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Texas Medical Management: Free Market Surgery Leading Providers of Surgical Procedures – Texas & Healthcare Business Leader of the Year (Texas): Sean Kelley American healthcare can sometimes amount to large costs, but the clarity around those can sometimes leave people feeling lost or unsure. For those individuals who are responsible for paying a large amount of healthcare costs, are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare, or simply want to know the cost of a procedure upfront, there is a solution around the corner; Texas Medical Management. To find out how the firm is helping Texans with healthcare, we took a closer look. On a mission to delivery the highest quality of care at transparent and competitive prices, Texas Medical Management is an industry disruptor in Texas, and the wider United States. Partnering alongside superior surgeon partners who have been peer-selected for their expertise, patient outcomes, focus, and reputation, Texas Medical Management is a free market medicine solution when it comes to surgical procedures across a broad range of specialties, both outpatient and inpatient. Founded on the belief that removing the stumbling blocks to a good patient-doctor relationship will improve healthcare for everyone, this firm is exceptional in its delivery of surgical services. The surgeons and anaesthesia providers that partner with Texas Medical Management deliver surgical procedures of the highest quality at a selection of five accredited surgery facility partners across Austin and Feb20545 Houston. Offering an extensive myriad of hundreds of surgical procedures at transparent and competitive prices, the firm is wholly dedicated to providing only the best level of care for patients. An exemplary partnership between the peer-selected surgeons and innovative business partners with a goal to supplant a broken healthcare system, Texas Medical Management is made brilliant by what makes it different to other solutions. Poor healthcare can oftentimes lead to more costs in the long run. Only partnering with the best, Texas Medical Management cuts out huge amount of costs by removing the middleman and eliminating the complexity and bureaucracy of the healthcare system. Ultimately, everyone benefits; the surgeon gets to deliver exceptional healthcare, the patient saves money, and Texas Medical Management delivers a brilliant business model. Company: Texas Medical Management: Free Market Surgery Contact: Sean Kelley Website: