Private Healthcare Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 13 , Vistara Smiles Most Innovative Private Dental Practice - London Finding a local dentist is always a challenge, especially one that keeps up with the cutting edge of the dental profession. For the teamat Vistara Smiles, ensuring that every service makes a smile is a promise they are delighted to keep. With an eye always looking to the future and what potential that brings, we’re delighted to recognise the business in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards fromGHP. Since late 2015, Vistara Smiles has been a mainstay of London’s dental scene. What started as a small practice open three days a week has grown expo- nentially into a 6-day practice serving the people of Highbury East and beyond. The success of the practice is down to a number of different factors, but first and foremost with a medical practice are the clients. With a population that ranges from babies through to senior citizens, the team has to be able to handle a very broad brief. It’s an approach that has allowed the team to demonstrate their considerable reach in terms of applying themselves. In return, the clients have spread their positive experiences to others. The client list has grown primarily thanks to the word of mouth recommendations that have been with the business since day one. The team have the ability to handle everything from general private family dentistry and hygienist services to specialist cosmetic dentistry and short term orthodontics, oral surgery and implants. All of these services are provided in house, with no need to refer to other specialists. For the most part, the team specialise in minimally invasive Mar20079 dentistry, which patients tend to prefer. Listening to what clients require has been key to clients continuing to recommend the business. Most patients want the convenience of lunchtime, late evenings and weekend appointments which the team goes out of its way to cater for. In this way, the team put the client first, working around their needs as opposed to vice versa. Growing a dental surgery is not an easy task, with private practice meaning more risk for the practitioner. The team at Vistara Smiles have committed themselves to providing support through the tough times, allowing them to move forward to even bigger and better plans. A process of continual improve- ment has been very important to ensuring that the company continues to grow, thrive and serve its customers effectively. As an industry, dentistry has had to adapt to better match the needs of patients. While this means adapting to suit the times and way in which they would prefer work to be done, it also means finding new ways of reaching out to people. The team has started to take advantage of social media, and the marketing possibilities that these avenues present. In a slightly different, but still digital vein, the possibilities of digital dentistry are becoming increasingly obvious. Vistara Smiles has already begun to consider the ways in which it can best use this technology, having made investments in new equipment. It is this approach that has put the team in such a great position for the future. In many ways, Vistara Smiles is not just an innovative practice, Contact Details: Company: Vistara Smiles Contact: Anita Patel it’s a template for the practices that have yet to make the steps into the future that it has. Putting people first in an increasingly busy world, ensur- ing that the latest and greatest technology is at the team’s fingertips and ensuring that the team is solidly held together are just some of the many ways in which it excels.