Private Healthcare Awards 2020

14 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Leading Innovators of Haemodialysis Devices & Solutions 2020 Haemodialysis is just one way of replacing the function of the kidneys, passing the blood through thin hollowfibres. Finding the right means to perform this successfully is no simple feat, requiring the experience of a company such as NephroCan. Working with distributors and healthcare officials, the teamhelps those living with Chronic Kidney Disease. We took a closer look at this impressive innovator. Based in Canada, but operating globally, NephroCan has achieved important milestones in their offerings for those who need dialysis consumables, machinery and equipment. Designed to be an A-Z provider, the company is based on the belief that haemodialysis care should be equal, accessible and affordable for all. The Nephrology community has benefited from NephroCan’s collective professional expertise of twenty-five years. It’s the first haemodialysis manufacturer in the market to offer a full range of medical devices and machinery, produced in-house; meaning that healthcare providers can access medical devices, machinery and equipment from one source, to a uniform standard. The company has committed to providing a full treatment package suited to any patients’ needs and requirements, regardless of facilities or location. This sets the business apart, as it works to serve haemodialysis patients worldwide, with the ability to cater to every need. The talented team of nephrologists, medical doctors, nurses, engineers and quality Mar20077 management professionals, as well as the men and women in the factories, are a major part of the company’s success. Due to their hard work, the business has not only been able to thrive, but to innovate. NephroCan is a company that is consistently working on new technology to develop better therapy methods for their patients globally. Currently, the company is preparing to announce new machinery that will be join their successful product line by the end of the summer. The nature of the healthcare market as a whole means that it is necessary for companies like NephroCan to continuously adapt and evolve. In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company has implemented additional precautions in their facilities so they can continue to provide daily life saving treatment to those that need it most. Their patient-centric nature has guided the organization as a whole when it comes to innovation, ensuring that every product is of the highest quality. At its heart, NephroCan operates with a corporate structure that sees all members of the healthcare community as part of a larger collective. This not only applies to the people who the team serves outside the business, but those within it as well. Employees are encouraged to build caring, meaningful relationships that extend past the office. A key part of the company’s culture is a focus on professional growth, integrating the evolving landscape of technology and business practices. Thanks to the people- first mentality of the business, everyone at the company has been provided resources and support for personal development, all while ensuring that core skills are applied and utilized. Looking ahead, the team at NephroCan intend to continue the development of its product range, ensuring that it is able to provide for the needs of its patients around the world. Its latest development, and biggest project with regards to advancement, is scheduled to be revealed at the 2021 European Renal Association-European Dialysis & Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) convention in Berlin. The company believes it is a product that will evolve the fundamental practices of patient treatment and invite readers to join them on their social media platform or to sign up for their newsletters to be the first to hear of the announcement and relevant updates. The work that NephroCan undertakes is truly exceptional. With their impressive approach transforming the haemodialysis field, it’s the attitude of innovation that has allowed them such success, setting the company up for even greater heights. Website: