Private Healthcare Awards 2020

16 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Feb20542 Smile Exchange of Malvern Best General Dental Practice - Chester County Growing up as children, many people might confess to not having enjoyed the regular trips to see the dentist. However, one practice in Chester County, PA, is seeking to change the stigma associated with the dentist through genuine compassion and wholly empowered teams. Seeking to transform the dental experience, discover more about the exceptional work of Smile Exchange of Malvern. Everyone wants to have that perfect smile, with dazzling white teeth that are sure to leave any person beaming from ear to ear. Providing patients with affordable, high-quality, and modern dental services in a friendly and relaxed environment, Smile Exchange of Malvern is a very different kind of dental practice. Every patient is made to feel like a person, rather than a number in a system, from the moment they enter the practice. Aside from the best quality dental care money can buy, care and comfort are top of the priority list. Effortlessly combining genuine compassion with empowered teams of dentists, hygienists and oral professionals, Smile Exchange of Malvern ensures every patient leaves a happy patient. As well as Smile Exchange of Malvern, the firm has five other offices across the Greater Philadelphia area, providing a full range of exceptional dental services. With extended opening hours and free parking in abundance, there isn’t any longer a reason not to visit the dentist. Trust and transparency are a key part of what Smile Exchange of Malvern is all about. Crucially, the firm makes sure to listen to every single patient, and to be completely open and Contact Details: Company: Smile Exchange of Malvern Contact: Candace Shepherd Website: honest about prices, discounts, and information on the dentists themselves and what services they offer. The state-of-the-art facilities at Smile Exchange of Malvern feature on-site laboratories, digital radiography, and advanced treatment technologies that can be used to benefit any patient. Ultimately, providing communities with family-friendly dental care of this quality is changing the perception of dentists everywhere. Whether catering to a whole family for a scheduled cleaning, or addressing a dental emergency, the team at Smile Exchange of Malvern ensure a smile any patient can be proud of.