Private Healthcare Awards 2020

18 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , Boutique Whitening Teeth Whitening Brand of the Year 2020 BoutiqueWhitening has taken the top spot when it comes to professional tooth-whitening gel in the UK today. Developed by dentists, for dentists, this extraordinary product has spawned an extraordinary brand. Aworthy winner in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards 2020, we take a close look at the firm in this special issue of GHP to see more what the company has to offer. The ethos behind Boutique Whitening has led to some incredible developments in the field. The aim is simple – to provide the best. This means that the company works tirelessly to ensure customers always receive the purest gels, in the best packaging, at the most competitive prices with unrivalled marketing and clinical support. By educating dentists, and the public, on the benefits and safety of using dentist supervised home whitening the team guarantee a brighter smile for all. From a conceptual level, the team at Boutique Whitening have ensured that their products are as good as possible. The gels use the minimum number of ingredients, and water that has been distilled to a very high level of purity. This ensures not only incredible efficacy of the product, but that gels look and taste good for the duration of the shelf life. When compared to the competition, Boutique Whitening knock it out of the park with their extensive range of gels, including a day gel and choice of four different overnight options. Amongst these delightful options is the unique and newly launched Boutique Hybrid Pro formulation. British through and through, a combination of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide delivers Contact Details: Company: Boutique Whitening Contact: Prem Sehmi Website: an enhanced whitening experience like no other gel can deliver. To sell their excellent products, the team have developed a strong marketing strategy that covers all bases both for clients and for their patients. This involves different posters and branded items, an array of digital assets for social media and email campaigns and many appearances in British newspapers such as the Mail on Sunday, OK! Magazine and The Metro. Perhaps what is most striking about the team’s success in this area is in the use of celebrity, with Boutique Whitening performing their services for the casts of Hollyoaks, Love Island, Ibiza Weekender and all the finalists from the X-Factor. With these major achievements under their belts, the team are aiming even higher for 2020. Commercially, the company is ready to expand its global exports, which will mean not only continuing to have a significant presence in the UK, but also expanding its US and Australian operations. As the matter of the environment has become more important, Boutique Whitening has made a pledge to go even greener, reducing its carbon footprint over 2020. This process is a challenge to any company, but has seen the team take a number of different measures. For example, it is the only whitening company in the UK registered with the Vegan Society, giving customers a guarantee that from raw material to manufacture, no animals have been harmed. The team has also made better use of resources, buying a larger warehouse and increasing the volume of overseas shipments. With a similarly reduced frequency, the effect has been a substantial reduction in the company’s carbon footprint. With the naturally dynamic nature of private healthcare, the team at Boutique Whitening face the continual challenge of new developments. This has recently taken the form of the ‘direct to patient’ phenomenon. Completely Feb20046 unregulated and dangerous, the results with whitening alternatives have unfortunately produced burns, scars and disfiguring injuries. Much of the company’s marketing is targeted at patients, encouraging them to see a dentist for professional teeth whitening with any alternatives not only giving inferior results, but having the potential to cause serious injury. What sets Boutique Whitening apart from the crowd is a commitment to being the best, and ensuring that it doesn’t get dragged down with the worst. The approach taken is one designed to be proactive, moving the company forward to fresh successes.