Private Healthcare Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 19 , Mar20055 Most Trusted Sports Physiotherapy Clinic - Bristol Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy has risen to the top, as one of the foremost companies in the field of physiotherapy. Under the capable stewardship of Donna Sanderson-Hull, who has been qualified for 28 years, the firmhas reached impressive heights. We caught up with her to find out more. After six years of work in professional sports, Donna Sanderson-Hull left to complete her MSc in Sports Medicine. Gaining a distinction, she was asked to stay on as a course lecturer, which allowed her the opportunity to start her own private practice. We asked Donna what she thought she could contribute to the thriving market of physiotherapy. “My mission was to use expe- riences from my time working in New Zealand, UK, sport and education to provide a service for patients that made them feel they were always getting the best of care,” she explains. “All our clinics are based in gym settings and we have qualified rehabilita- tion specialists to ensure that a patient has a full guided recovery from injury to full fitness. Our performance coaches have also enabled patients to achieve more than they had before their injury.” These amazing achievements are part and parcel of Donna’s work, setting the standard that she and her team approach all clients with. “We pride ourselves on listening to the patient and offering not just physiotherapy, but a care plan should they need to be referred on to other healthcare specialists,” she tells us. “I’d like to think we have a friendly, down to earth but professional approach that puts patients at ease, yet confident that they are in safe hands, literally!” Key to this success, therefore, are the talented physiotherapists and backroom staff who Donna works with. “I respect every member of the Blue Sky Sports team,” she says. “Each one has their own forum to show case their own area of expertise and I trust them to promote themselves under the Blue Sky umbrella. I also value the back- room staff very much. Without them, Blue Sky would not be still functioning. I am not a business graduate, but a physiotherapist and I am learning from them every day!” In many ways, it is the trust that Donna places in her employees that has allowed the business to grow, but it is the expectation she places on them that has allowed it to flourish. Looking ahead, Donna is exploring other services that could provide even more scope for patients to live their lives without injury. With wonderful achievements behind them, the future looks bright indeed for Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy. Contact Details: Company: Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy Contact: Donna Sanderson-Hull Website: Donna at work in professional rugby before starting her own practice where she now treats people of all ages and levels of activity