Private Healthcare Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 21 , Best Healthcare Consumer Website -USA Booking appointments withmedical practitioners has been transformed in the 21st Century, with online booking allowing a new freedomof possibility that wasn’t previously available. For those medical services that have yet to upgrade, however, finding ways to support this brave newworld can be challenging. HealthSoul LLC is the clear solution, with its innovative and trustworthy approach scooping up the award for Best Healthcare ConsumerWebsite in GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards 2020. Booking appoint- ments online is a common occurrence, but the technology behind making it all work straightforwardly and consistently is something to be admired. The team at HealthSoul work internationally to ensure that their integrated platform is fit for purpose at all times. Where some businesses would have to hold back, this approach allows the medical industry to step boldly forward. The vision of HealthSoul is simple, based around becoming a key healthcare resource for patients while still being trusted by doctors to improve health outcomes. It is the first compre- hensive platform that has been designed to cover all aspects of healthcare including travel health insurance. Trusted by hospitals to handle their healthcare data, this information reaches over 75 countries. In many ways, HealthSoul is incredibly attractive to the private healthcare market, covering all digital marketing needs including online listings, healthcare content and review management. In this way, HealthSoul not only increases healthcare efficiency and satisfaction, but also managed to improve patient education and care access. Feb20273 Still relatively new on the scene, HealthSoul has made an impressive start in the industry, and is now well on the way to becoming one of the leading platforms for education and healthcare reviews. Over 20,000 reviews have been received in the last three months, and the number seems set to increase even more. The intention is to add more features to the site, in order to increase its interactivity and usefulness to visitors. With medical videos and calculators, site visitors will be able to gain much more knowledge. The reason that the company is looking to new ways of working is simple – as the world is in flux, so are the needs of both the healthcare professionals and public consumers to whom HealthSoul needs to appeal. Meeting the constant challenges that the healthcare industry pre- sents is one that has had a major impact on how the business operates. The rise of COVID-19, for example, is a factor that not only could not be predicted, but will have a major impact on companies like HealthSoul for months, if not years to come. Currently, the team is looking at ways of optimizing the listings of healthcare providers across different websites. This work has entailed working directly with clients who want to transform the digital health of their online presence. With so much work conducted and completed online, ensuring that this entry to the business is as clean and effective as possible is paramount. The team at HealthSoul is still small, but growing. Made of ten superbly hard workers, they have accomplished a great deal in a small timeframe. The credit behind their success must go back to the open culture that has been fostered by management, encouraging people to explore and express new ideas freely and without embarrassment. Any unresolved issues are handled at weekly meetings which draw the team together to work out a new way forward. With everyone feeling like they hold a stake in the business, everyone works that little bit harder to achieve success. It goes without saying that HealthSoul has had a tremen- dous impact on the private healthcare industry, drawing together a number of disparate sources for the benefit of the consumer and the practitioner. Not only is this achievement one that is a credit to the team, it is one that has established the company as ready to reach even further heights. Company: HealthSoul LLC Contact: Ish Singla Website: