Private Healthcare Awards 2020

6 GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards , New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing Best Mental Health Training Organisation 2020 - South West England Mental health and workplace wellbeing is something that every business should sit up and take notice of, ensuring that employees feel comfortable enough to be open and honest about personal struggles that may affect daily performance. One firm that is encouraging and training businesses to be better withmental health is New Leaf WorkplaceWellbeing, founded and run by BeckyWright. As part of the firm’s award-winning success, we examine the vital work it does to support businesses across. Most people in the world today spend the majority of their lives at work. Whether it be glued to a screen for eight hours of the day, or labouring in the noonday sunshine, the 9-5 life can take its toll on everybody. Yet, everybody has a life outside the workplace; one which affects and impacts performance during work hours. Balancing the two is a hard thing to do, and even harder to do when workplace wellbeing and mental health is not properly addressed and dealt with in a refreshingly open, honest, and communicative way. New Leaf, having been recognised as the Best Mental Health Training Organisation in South West England, is one such firm that is wholly dedicated to the exceptional delivery of counselling, pop-up wellbeing and mental health training to businesses in a safe and welcoming environment. The beating heart of New Leaf is founder Becky Wright who, for the past twenty-eight years, has brought an unwavering passion and desire to see firms adopt meaningful mental health awareness and frameworks that recognise the link between employee wellbeing and soulful business. Throughout her career Becky has championed mental health awareness, receiving esteemed recognition and achievements, while also being invited to speak at conferences and events across the UK. She also brings a wealth of industry experience, including being a qualified MHFA Mental Health First Aid Instructor and having spent twenty-five years as a psychotherapist. Through New Leaf, Becky has also been able to satiate her own desire to make space for powerful conversations that can transform workplace culture long after participants have left the training room. With ill mental health now being amongst the top reasons for staff absence in the United Kingdom, the need for New Leaf’s work has seldom been more necessary. Becky has been enabled by MHFA England to deliver Workplace Mental Health First Aid training, ensuring that every course is grounded in clinical knowledge and practices to increase awareness and reduce stigma. Each course lasts for two days, educating participants in how to identify and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue. In the same way that physical first aid teaches students the skills to effectively deal with ailments, so too does Becky’s training enable students to tackle crucial warning signs of mental ill health. One of the things that can seriously improve mental health is the great outdoors, and where better to experience it than Somerset. New Leaf is based in the heart of the countryside, inspired by nature to help everyone realise their own potential for growth and harmony with themselves and those around them. New Leaf’s work culture is a constant physical reminder of the hope, sanctuary, and sense of community that the natural environment can offer to everyone, especially in regard to our mental health. Contact Details: Company: New Leaf Workplace Wellbeing Contact: Becky Wright / [email protected] Website: By improving the awareness around mental health, businesses can also benefit from a vastly improved workplace culture of wellbeing. Nobody expects the best, because it would be impossible to deliver it one hundred percent of the time. Instead, businesses have to be proactive in nurturing positive employee attitude and engagement. New Leaf’s mental health and workplace wellbeing training helps businesses achieve that, supporting HR departments in exploring issues that arise in workplaces all over the country. These are common, and range from stress and anger at work, to family and money problems, right through to alcohol or drug dependency and bereavement or loss at work. Employees are human and cannot be expected to shut their outside lives off whilst at work. What businesses can do, is provide employees a safe space to explore these issues and bring about positive change in their lives. 2020 also represents great change for New Leaf, as Becky and the team are set to launch Life Design, a new approach to traditional coaching that blends motivational and goal-orientated focus with the benefits of supportive counselling, applied through a creative platform. In a world of great uncertainty and change, New Leaf is a shining beacon, championing mental health for everyone in society. It no longer has to be a silent disease that people struggle with alone. New Leaf has started a vital conversation; one that everyone should be a part of. “Imagine how much will be achieved when we give our collective mental health similar attention to that which has been invested in physical health over the last 100 years.”