Private Healthcare Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 9 , Best Healthcare Business Advisory Firm 2020 - South East England Dua & Co are a leading accounting and business advisory firmwho have served clients across the South East since 1990. Following their success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2020, we got in touchwith the Head of Business Operations Amit Shah to find out more. Based in Hertford- shire, Dua & Co are a diligent and innovative chartered accountancy firm aiming to provide personalised and comprehensive advice. With experience in the technology, prop- erty development and healthcare sectors, the firm are well equipped to support clients in identifying opportunities while taking care of any bookkeeping needs. To begin with Amit offers more insight into the firm’s specialisms and their client base. “When Rakesh and Barry came up with the brainchild for Dua & Co in the early 1990s, the mission was to put the client at the centre of every decision and service provided. Having both been in large practices, that experience proved ideal to create a brand leader within the SME market of providing business advisory and accountancy services. “Our continual investment in forg- ing close working relationships with our clients has returned a particularly strong loyalty from them, which has been demonstrated by the number of new projects that we’re asked to undertake on their behalf. Along with healthcare, our industry expertise includes property and technology business, with a particular passion for helping Feb20049 start-ups and ambitious entrepre- neurs take their business to the next level.” Working in such a competitive industry means Dua & Co have to go the extra mile while serving their clients, and as Amit further explains the firm has to be brave in their approach. “We work to support and advise clients of all sizes, sectors and levels of commercial prosperity, making a positive and lasting impact on their organisation’s development. There is no magic cure, it’s all about having the courage of your conviction.” In recent times the firm have been involved in a number of projects helping make a difference to client’s perfor- mance. Naturally then as Amit goes on to explain by supporting businesses with their financial affairs, directors can focus on the running of their business. “From the very beginning, we advised a start-up aesthetics clinic to build their business over six years to earn £2m across multiple locations with a leading reputation in their industry. We developed a methodology on apportioning head office expenses, which included advising how best to structure and license the brand value of the business, taking into account com- mercial and tax considerations.” The private healthcare market today is a dynamic and ever evolving industry, and as technol- ogy continues to develop in the medical profession, Amit argues it is important that firms remain alert to how these advancements may affect their business. “The onset and incredible development of technology in the medical sector has been a real eye opener. As we continue to work with our MedTech clients to raise finance and manage their cash flow in the development stages of their products, it’s important that we can keep pace with advancements in the field.” As for the working culture in place at Dua & Co, teamwork plays a vital role in meeting the objectives of their clients. As Amit goes on to explain it’s important everyone in the organisation performs to the best of their ability. “We pride ourselves upon work- ing together as a team to meet our goals. From a simple task like a certificate to ensure our clients can buy their next home, to ensuring businesses are meeting their compliance requirements, to advising on growth opportunities and fundraising, we ensure that within our firm the team can satisfy our clients’ needs and grow their own skillset at the same time.” Finally, Amit comments on how he hopes Dua & Co will benefit from their success in the Private Healthcare Awards 2020 and the future of the firm. “It’s fantastic to be recognised for the work that we do for our medical clients. We’ve always had very positive feedback about our reputation within the sector, but it’s an honour that an organisation the size of Global Health & Pharma Magazine has acknowledged us. “We have a real drive for the knowledge and expertise that we have built up over 30 years to be valuable for like-minded business owners. Going forward, we are excited for what lies ahead, continuing to work with our clients and any future business relationships to add value and grow their businesses. Overall, we believe the private healthcare industry remains an integral part of the economy and we would like to thank all your readers for their continued efforts in making the world a better place for us all.” Contact Name: Amit Shah Telephone Number: 0208 421 3555 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: amitshah-dua Address: 1st Floor, 5 Century Court, Tolpits Lane, Watford, WD18 9PX Web Address: