Private Healthcare Awards 2021

GHP / 2021 Private Healthcare Awards 5 , Feb21228 The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic is a London-based teamof Clinical Psychologists dedicated to creating holistic, bespoke treatments to individuals living with a vast spectrumof mental health conditions. We find out how FPC is constantly evolving and developing its treatment to provide compassionate and professional care, in a time when looking after mental and physical wellbeing is more important than ever. The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic Situated on Harley Street, London, a road that has become internationally renowned for its world-class private healthcare, the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic is an esteemed centre of highly experienced Clinical Psychologists, dedicated to providing holistic, bespoke care for patients of all ages afflicted with mental health problems. Working alongside psychiatrists, nurses, dieticians, and occupational therapists, the FPC team offers expert care and treatment, as well as comprehensive support to the carers and families of those individuals with mental and physical health problems. The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic recognises that the treatment which sees the best results in terms of meaningful change and high-quality, clinical outcomes is that which has been tailored to suit the individual needs of patients. As such, FPC differentiates itself by providing treatments that align with a variety of contexts within the lives of each individual, such as comprehensive individual or group therapy options, family therapy, and consultations with employers and education systems. The clinic’s group therapy program has been awarded the GHP Innovation Award for its high standards of care, in addition to the award-winning work of the clinic as a whole, particularly in what has been a challenging year for both its team and its patients. Building on the success of its group therapy program, FPC has developed numerous other groups to deliver the same, gold-standard of evidence-based care to new and existing clients facing the unique challenges of living in a pandemic. FPC is now able to offer psychological support to address the effects of loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety. The other side of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the clinic’s changes to the delivery of its services to patients, one of the key adaptations being the increase in work being carried out remotely. This has made FPC’s treatment and care more accessible to individuals outside of London and beyond the UK. Meanwhile, employers and organisations are now taking greater care in creating workplaces that promote mental health in order to encourage better overall wellbeing in its teams of people. In order to create those supportive environments that are conducive to better physical and mental health, FPC has expanded its corporate Mental Health Awareness Training Program to include confidential mental health screening services in the workplace. These services increase engagement and improve assessment of those living with mental health challenges, thereby enabling complete treatment pathways to be created for those in need of support. Central to all of FPC’s treatment and care are values that are championed by every member of the team of clinical psychologists: authenticity, respect and kindness. By being approachable and human, the team at FPC is able to develop equal and ethical partnerships with all those it works with, whether they be patients or experts in other fields within mental and physical health. Moreover, as the FPC team undertakes continuous professional development that maintains their practice in adherence to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines, patients and their families and carers can trust in FPC for both compassion and clinical excellence. Contact: Dr Lucy Viney Company: The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic Web Address: Best Private Psychological Therapy Practice - South East England &GHP Innovation Award for Group Therapy Programmes