Private Healthcare Awards 2021

6 GHP / 2021 Private Healthcare Awards , Feb21087 A brand driven forward to success by one of the aesthetic industry’s leading voices, Facial Sculpting is dedicated to using its cosmetic techniques and technologies to bolster the confidence of its clients and bring their natural beauty to the fore. Best Aesthetic Facial Sculpting Specialists - London Facial Sculpting is the brand of Dr Nina Bal, an experienced aesthetic technician who is determined to lead the industry into the future. Facial Sculpting as a company focuses on cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics, and facial sculpting, all with the goal of improving a client’s self-esteem and boosting their confidence by solving aesthetic problems that they struggle with. Using the most up to date techniques and technologies in its industry, Facial Sculpting can improve the appearance of teeth, gums, and the shape of a person’s bite with its cosmetic dentistry services. It works to improve colour, position, alignment, size, and shape, giving a client total confidence in their smile. Its facial aesthetic treatments offer non-surgical treatments that reduce the signs of aging drastically and give a client a natural, fresh, youthful look that renews the spring in their step. These treatments include medical aesthetics that target the face, body, and skin in general, with fillers, bone sculpting, fat dissolvent, and much more. Its flagship product, however, is facial sculpting. This service is ‘a concept rather than a surgical procedure’. In this specific service, Dr Nina will collaborate with a client over the course of her meetings with them to emphasise the balance of their facial features, giving them a rejuvenated look and feel. This service covers asymmetrical facial fixes that apply the use of the golden ratio, bespoke bridal packages that bring the luxury back into bespoke aesthetic treatments, body sculpting, a bruxism package, Dr Nina’s W lift, and many more highly researched and now widely lauded solutions. Dr Nina Bal herself is a cosmetic dental surgeon of the highest training. In 2008, Dr Nina graduated at the top of her year with a distinction – BDS magna cum laude – and was accredited with a highly respected diploma upon her completion of her postgraduate programme. This postgraduate continued her focus on dentistry, but this time focused in on Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry. After her studies in London, she became a member of the General Dental Council, an organisation dedicated to the regulation of dentists and dental care in the UK. This independent governing body works with both professionals and the public to improve safety, compliance, and confidence in the UK’s dental services. Additionally, Dr Nina is a member of SaveFace, the national register of practitioners providing non- surgical aesthetic treatments, the IAFFA – International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics – and JCCP, the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners. Between all these regulatory bodies and her intensive studies, Dr Nina has made herself truly expert in her sector, and holds significant prestige, not to mention the trust of her clients. These elements have allowed Facial Sculpting to outpace the competition in its field and to become one of the most successful aesthetic services companies in the country. Dr Nina has been featured on channels such as E4 on its Bodyfixers show, and ITV on its This Morning Show; all appearances geared towards talking to Nina about her experience in cornering the market or benefitting from her knowledge. She has also garnered acclaim by way of being featured in Forbes, the Evening Standard, the Tatler, and Thrive Global, amongst many other publications. This is also far from her first award. Dr Nina was the winner of the 2020 Excellence Awards for the Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments as well as the Finalist for the Facial Aesthetics and Dermal Fillers category in 2019. Throughout all her work for Facial Sculpting, Dr Nina has retained a passion for enhancing a client’s innate beauty. ‘Less in more’ is her motto, and she believes in the subtle tweaks that will make a client’s existing excellence shine through, hoping to get the whole of Britain feeling more confident in themselves, one treatment at a time. Company: Facial Sculpting Contact: Nina Bal Website: