Private Healthcare Awards 2021

8 GHP / 2021 Private Healthcare Awards , Feb21055 Offering private pre-natal healthcare for its region through its top of the line centre manned by some of the top staff in the field, Early Life Ultrasound Centre is a company dedicated to technical and personable excellence. The Early Life Ultrasound Centre is an establishment in the South West of England uplifting the standards of maternity care in the region, and indeed, throughout the nation. It provides ultrasound imaging technologies to its clients throughout the course of their pregnancy, and with being a private service, it allows parents access to ultrasound services without the need for a referral. Its solutions are client focused in every sense of the term, and it takes pride in being able to fit around a client’s all-important routine scans, ensuring that it works to a client’s schedule. Its customers appreciate this empathic and understanding approach, as well as the lengths to which it will go to ensure client comfort. Its early pregnancy reassurance scans can take place from 7 weeks, its gender scans from 16 weeks, and its 3D and 4D scans including well-being and growth checks can be partaken of throughout the third trimester. The latter is primarily to give parents peace of mind during this time, and to reassure them of the health of their child on a continual basis outside of regular hospital visits. Being healthcare professionals from top to bottom and making such professionals accessible to customers, its Sonographers are available over the phone to discuss its services. This allows a client to get an in-depth chat with an expert, allowing Early Life to learn and implement the client’s requirements before their visit. This is an excellent method by which this centre demonstrates a ‘show don’t tell’ attitude to customer service. Its staff are also not just highly trained and educated, but compassionate and friendly, offering personable customer service that puts the client’s health and comfort first. Early Life Ultrasound Centre also has an on-site Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to further the reassuring and health- focused nature of its services. Mr. Aamir Khan is a medical professional with one of the most exemplary and in-depth knowledges of his field. Acting in the role of Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, he specialises in early pregnancy healthcare and emergency gynaecology, the current clinical lead for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. This is one of the largest women’s hospitals in the UK, and Mr. Khan’s expertise granted to him by his time working there is something he brings across to Early Life Ultrasound. Upon joining, he also brought with him his knowledge of individualised patient care. Knowing how to implement this philosophy to create tailored plans that suit the needs of each person, his consultations come with a relaxed atmosphere that his patients appreciate. By understanding that this is a stressful time for clients and making all effort to alleviate those stressors whilst they are at the centre, Early Life Ultrasound has made a name for itself. As soon as a client walks through the door, they are greeted by an atmosphere more reminiscent of a spa than a hospital or clinical environment. The hygiene levels and professionalism are where the latter aspect of its business shines through. However, in its client facing spaces, it strives to create more of a haven. Upon arrival, it offers guests tea or coffee to enjoy, and this service can also be partaken of whilst watching the scan on its big screens. Cultivating such a quiet and calming environment has meant widening the times between appointments, ensuring that each client feels valued and not rushed. In this way, it also allows a client to see their baby with their family, or even just in their own time should they wish to. Registered under and inspected by the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, it is a proud member of the British Medical Ultrasound Society. With its state- of-the-art facilities and excellent value for money, it’s easy to see why Early Life Ultrasound Centre has become the trusted clinic for so many families. Company: Early Life Ultrasound Centre Contact: Chrissie Cooper Website: Best Private Ultrasound Practice - South West England