Private Healthcare Awards 2022

10 GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 , Feb22023 BeckyWarnes Consultancy’s believes that digital technology can support better health outcomes for entire populations. Yet, without well thought out design and implementation strategies, technology could widen digital and health inequalities. Without trained and educated end users, systems could be underutilised and become a burden rather than support. Becky’s focus is to always ensure technology is used to increase access to healthcare for patients and support the teams delivering that care. Best Independent Business Consultant (UK): Becky Warnes Becky started her business in the pandemic out of a desire to do more to support the health system and make a difference to the lives of those struggling with health issues. She was seeing first-hand how innovators were struggling to get their voices heard, and how outdated policy and infrastructure was preventing those working in health systems to fully utilise technology available to them. COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technology within the health service, but staff shortages and lack of skilled people on the ground to implement change is preventing the benefits of this technology being fully utilised. The amazing frontline staff have an immense responsibility on their shoulders, to provide care for patients. Digital transformation should not be forced upon them whilst they are doing this work. They need to be on the journey, part of the vision, the discovery, and the design. Becky’s industry clients are within pharma, med tech and health tech. She works with those who are planning to launch new products into the market, as well as those with established brands, looking to maximise returns for shareholders. She helps her clients to achieve market place advantage by performing market analysis, repositioning their USPs and developing sales strategies that enable them to capitalise on market opportunities. Becky’s work for NHS clients involves working as a digital transformation strategist to support the creation of digital plans and road maps, as well as hands-on programme management. This enables more patient-centric services, improving quality and health outcomes. Becky is perceptive to her client’s needs and objectives. She can identify the rules and policies each sector works with, which can save a great deal of time and effort for her client. She said, “My desire for learning helps me stay up-to-date with the ever-changing environments of my clients. This enables me to design very specific strategies that align to national and local priorities that are both current and relevant.” Her clients value that she quickly identifies the root cause of any issues and creates workable solutions. Becky’s approach is unique and creative as she is an innovative thinker who is not afraid to challenge the norm. She takes a dynamic approach to collaborative working, ensuring the right people are around the table and individual skills are identified and utilised. She likes to integrate into their team, priding herself on authenticity; what you see is what you get. The results is that her clients always know where they are with her; they have clear expectations, better communication, faster delivery of results, and create better working relationships. When we asked Becky how she feels to have achieved such success with the Private Healthcare Awards 2022, she said, “I feel immensely proud to have won this award, and to be working with clients who appreciate my work and have nominated me.” She attributes her success to her experience and knowledge of business and project management. She went on to tell us, “I am a qualified Prince2 project manager and quality improvement specialist with a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt; change management, continuous improvement and mapping systems contribute greatly to my effectiveness. My experience in business management complements these skills, and together with knowledge of the NHS system makes me a valuable resource to my clients.” Now with her sights set on 2022 and beyond, Becky expects that it will be much the same, with her work with the NHS barely having started. She wants to continue supporting the government’s objectives to levelup digital maturity across health systems. This creates exciting opportunities to support with the design and implementation of local strategies. Over the next year, Becky would like to explore opportunities in other global markets. She said, “I believe the work we are doing here in the UK is leading the charge to digitally transform health systems and how people manage their own health. There are a lot of learnings to take and share with others, and plenty of exciting work happening.” Company: Becky Warnes Consultancy Ltd Contact: Becky Warnes Email: [email protected] Website: