Private Healthcare Awards 2022

12 GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 , Feb22053 The Alinker Inventions Ltd. was founded around the walking bike invented by BE Alink. Medical devices are generally a technical solution for a body with a problem, but that is not who we are. We are whole humans who want to be active and engaged and BE designed the Alinker so people can keep being themselves, regardless of mobility changes. The Alinker Inventions Ltd. creates revolutionary ways for people who want to live an active life, despite existing or developing mobility challenges, with the goal being to make it as easy and fun as possible for people to stay physically active, socially connected, and emotionally engaged in the community. Health as the company defines it is access to mobility, access to community, and access to healthy food. The story began with a comment of BE’s aging mother, Antonia Esman. While passing some elderly people with walkers and scooters, she said, “Over my dead body will I ever use one of those!”. So, BE set out to design something better for her mum, but soon realised what was truly needed was a vehicle for social change, challenging assumptions about people with mobility challenges. After all, everyone is aging, but instead of dreading what’s to come, now they can stay active, be energetic, and experience freedom and joy with the Alinker. The Alinker itself is a nonstigmatising mobility device that allows people to stay mobile, independent and active. It is surrounded by a supportive and generous online community and access to resources, professionals and tools that allow customers to explore a healthier lifestyle, the continued outcome being a healthy society that costs the healthcare system a fraction of what it costs to operate today. “The Alinker is a game changer!” says Selma Blair. Alinker works with a variety of clients with mobility and/ or neurological changes. It acknowledges that systems of capitalism, racism and ableism end up driving people, especially those with disabilities, into poverty and isolation. Therefore, it actively supports the continued health and wellness of its customers by creating access to mobility via its 0% interest eightmonth rent-to-own programme and crowdfunding campaigns (209 completed so far); the community via its incredible customer service team, the Alinker Academy and its digital community of 800 people; and to healthy food via its online education and healthy food partners. And thanks to Alinker, people who were isolated and barely able to walk have been able to do marathons and Disney runs together. The company is now in the process of seeking financing a development trajectory for Alinker 2.0 with a higher weight capacity of 450lbs. In North America, twothirds of the population has at least one chronic degenerative disease (diabetes, obesity, autoimmune, etc.), but there is no nonstigmatising tool for them to stay active. This is a systemic issue. Alongside this, The Alinker has several plans for growth in 2022 in order to reach more people with its product. During Q1/Q2, it will be launching a series of five webinars where BE will discuss key topics such as accessibility, essence of allyship, and more. The company will also be building and launching a new website, and it has fully onboarded a new marketing agency with intention to continue to build out its content programme and initiate a PR strategy. It will also explore B2B sales channels with sports therapists, we have sold Alinkers to 3 VA centres across the country thus far. BE Alink now comments on The Alinker’s Private Healthcare Awards 2022 success: “We were actually surprised, though very happy to be recognised by health and pharma, generally the last sector to acknowledge a disruptive company. We have very deliberately made the Alinker not to be classified as a medical device, because the system of healthcare insurance and certified suppliers generally does not benefit the client, but raises the retail price to at least double to what we are selling it for, while the end-user loses their agency.” Company: The Alinker Inventions Ltd. Contact: BE Alink Email: [email protected] Website: Most Innovative Accessible Mobility Assistance Product 2022