Private Healthcare Awards 2022

GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 13 , Feb22098 Established as a leading startup provider of mental health benefits, MindBerry has been accredited as the UK’SMost Innovative Personal and Professional Development Platform, serving over 6,000 global employees. Established as a purpose-led company that exists tomake a positive difference to people’s lives, MindBerry was founded with a powerful purpose to enable potential by engagingminds to impact society for the better. Most Innovative Personal & Professional Development Platform - UK Honoured to be the winner and recognised as the Most Innovative Personal and Professional Development Platform, MindBerry has attributed its success to its talented management team and experienced bench of advisors, all of whom are passionate about making a significant difference in behavioural health. Overall, the driving force of the MindBerry team is its founder, Sandra de Monte, who draws on her personal experience to advance the mission of the company that is inherently important to both herself and the team she has built. Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Ross expands on this, stating, “Our social impact is core to who we are - a recent example of activating our purpose is offering NHS staff across the UK access to free counselling as mental health issues have increased exponentially since the first wave of Covid-19.” Concerning its connection to the NHS and its efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic, MindBerry has successfully been awarded a contract by Telus International Europe to deliver comprehensive mental health care services that will inherently support and affect over 4,000 members across Northern Europe. Expanding on its most recent project, Ross states, “While benefits through other EAPs can vary by country, this partnership delivers to our client’s team members consistent access to best-in-class, technology-enabled mental health solutions, in harmony with their own in-house wellbeing practitioners. The amplified need for mental health care is an issue that affects people around the world, and one that is increasingly urgent due to the distressing events in Ukraine and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.” Additional clients of MindBerry include Munich Re, and The Social Chain. Since its establishment, MindBerry has been dedicated to building the future of mental health care by utilising advanced technology to intelligently match individuals with the right professionals, access to unlimited messaging service, and an innovative digital platform to deliver a seamless experience for members, providers, and employers. Moreover, another benefit of MindBerry includes easily connecting members to an elite provider network; therapists, counsellors, and coaches, to provide personalised care for every member. Overall, this approach to mental health care is significantly regarded within the health industry for its exceptional efforts to improve employee engagement and resilience and reduce healthcare costs for employers. “Companies understand that access to quality mental health care is one of today’s most important issues, in terms of both individual wellbeing and economic impact. Covid-19 is an accelerant of trends already underway. The pandemic underlined the role businesses have to play in supporting mental health and wellbeing, and companies are taking it seriously,” explains Ross. With the efforts of MindBerry in relation to mental health and the pandemic, the company is significantly intent on building one of the most influential healthcare brands of our time. By scaling therapists, counsellors, and coaching programs internationally, MindBerry is focusing on making European markets a priority as well as the GCC in the near future. Company Name: MindBerry Contact Name: Paul Ross Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]