Private Healthcare Awards 2022

4 GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 , The Cylera Internet of Things (IoT) security and intelligence platformallows healthcare delivery organisations (HDOs) to safeguard what matters most - - patient safety, privacy, security, and business continuity. Clients from large hospitals and small local health centres in the UK have found Cylera to be a trusted solution for a “whole healthcare” approach tomedical device and other asset discovery, network analysis and segmentation, device vulnerabilities, risk analytics, threat intelligence, and fleet optimisation. Cylera keeps the medical machine – both technically andmetaphorically – running smoothly. Healthcare Cyber Security Company of the Year - UK When Cylera co-founders, Paul Bakoyiannis, Chief Technology Officer, Timur Ozekcin, Chief Executive Officer, and Sean Abraham, Chief Operations Officer, first set out to build Cylera’s IoT security and intelligence platform, the intention was to bring “nextgeneration” technology to health and care organisations, where innovation was truly needed. Both Information Technology (IT) and Medical Engineering had key needs around IoT and medical devices (IoMT) that were going unaddressed by “first-generation,” older and repurposed generalized solutions. A new solution that could meet operational, regulatory, and financial requirements while preserving patient care and business continuity would assist the whole healthcare estate with smoother, more efficient, and secure operations. First, traditional tools in use by IT teams are not able to help them discover and assess the wide-ranging types of IoT and IoMT becoming more and more connected into the hospital’s network fabric every day. Most healthcare providers have at least 10 – 15 IoT and IoMT Feb22087 devices per bed, roughly three to four times as many devices in the estate as compared to standard IT networking equipment such as firewalls, switch/routers, various types of application and web servers, desktop workstations, and typical IT security tools, etc. Second, the devices in the estate are largely invisible or unidentified because of specialty communications and unique device characteristics, leaving gaping security holes in the essential information needed to keep operations running smoothly when incidents occur. In the end, the healthcare estate may actually have a much higher risk profile than anyone realises. Third, a better way to identify, categorise, and examine those devices for true risk and vulnerabilities was needed to help IT teams give optimal support to their medical engineering counterparts and the work they performed for patients every day using these devices. The usual IT approach of scanning for vulnerable devices From left to right, Cylera co-founders, Paul Bakoyiannis, Chief Technology Officer, Timur Ozekcin, Chief Executive Officer, and Sean Abraham Chief Operations Officer