Private Healthcare Awards 2022

GHP / Private Healthcare Awards 2022 7 Healthcare Cyber Security Company of the Year - UK name, IP address (if static), Mac address and software and versions (where appropriate).” - Excerpt from the Data Security Standard 9 – IT Protection, Connected Medical Devices The most recent new capability now in the Cylera platform is the new Cyber Alert Dashboard. This was developed in response to feature requests by clients seeking something to help them track NHS Digital Cyber Alerts, a requirement in the DSPT. The new dashboard provides all NHS Cyber Alerts, organized by date, and highlights whether the Trust has any equipment affected by the alert. Users can see all the alerts available from the NHS feed, or toggle in the Cylera management console to see only those Cyber Alerts that are relevant to their estate. This gives Cylera clients a kind of ‘early warning system,’ on weekly or urgent threat bulletins to immediate, high-severity alerts. In addition, the list of relevant alerts and their status can be exported to a spreadsheet and provided as evidence to NHS or auditors that the Cyber Alerts have been received, what the impact may be for the given Trust, and online results of the resolution workflow, individual device status, threat risk level, and when resolved and by whom. Alternatively, if an on-site audit is occurring, the auditor can simply turn to this dashboard for evidence of the Trust’s compliance in handling Cyber Alerts. Naturally, this has proven to be a huge timesaver for IT teams, and assists in keeping all departments coordinated and aware of Cyber Alert concerns and their status in the workflow. Obviously, with the pandemic, healthcare providers have also become increasingly targeted by sophisticated cyberattacks, and warnings abound on ransomware and other types of security incidents by bad actors and nation-states. Intellectual property related to the development of COVID-19 vaccines and access to patient data have been keenly targeted. Additionally, ransomware has become one of the most common methods of disrupting critical health services because the threat actors know that often, healthcare facilities will pay to get back up and running due to the life-saving urgency of patient care. Finally, in the most recent warnings, there are heightened concerns related to potential disruption from ongoing geopolitical affairs. The threat landscape is everevolving, which adds even more pressure on the medical industry to accelerate defenses while balancing the essential needs of patient care, privacy, safety, and business continuity. The rapid expansion of connected, unmanaged IoT and medical devices in healthcare only serves to increase the attack surface available to bad actors. Unfortunately, these are the very devices that are often invisible to IT teams working to defend the networks, patients, and the business. For Cylera, this award as UK Healthcare Cyber Security Company of the Year – 2022, is attributed to their technical excellence and meeting significant needs for UK health and care providers, not all of which have been covered here. “We are extremely honored by this award, and it gives us confidence that we are on the right track with our efforts to assist NHS Digital and Trusts in the UK with next-generation technology for the needs of both today and tomorrow,” said Timur Ozekcin, CEO and Co-Founder of Cylera. Cylera removes the blind spots, helps organisations address their compliance and security needs, and even assists with greater optimization of devices which in return provides financial and business value. Their clients often mention in reviews that Cylera enables health and care providers to stay focused on the patients, relying upon Cylera to keep IoT, medical devices, and IT/OT assets cybersafe, available, and compliant. NOTE: Cylera is available to UK buyers through their UK partner, Core to Cloud Ltd., www. Company: Cylera Website: [email protected] US Headquarters: 1 Rockefeller Plaza, Floor 11, New York, NY. 10020 US HQ Phone: +1-332-239-1744 UK Office: Unit H2, Hub 8, The Brewery Quarter, Cheltenham, GL50 3FF, UK UK Phone: +44 7711 736792 UK/EMEA: Steve Brigden, Head of Cylera, UK, steve.brigden@ UK Sales Partner: Core to Cloud, Ltd., Core to Cloud Offices: The Castle, Cecily Hill, Cirencester GL7 2EF, United Kingdom Core to Cloud Phone: +44 1285 708313 Cyber Alert Dashboard within Cylera’s Command Console.